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Ten audiophile commandments
thou shall not raise up voice against The One True Hierarchy of Audio. Be content in the knowledge that The Hierarchy describes with neither error nor flaw the loftiest domains of heaven and the most debase bardos of hell:Reel to reelVinylCD File-... 
Dunlavy SCIV - What amp are you using?
Like Chadnliz, I have often heard them with Classe power. Wonderful. 
Music to die to
Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself Again. 
Who's Your Favorite Bass Players; Why?
Notec, Ballance is a great add to this list. Just saw them play and ohmigod. 
Most sophisticated and intelligent musician
Still, not a Doctor. 
Most sophisticated and intelligent musician
Rundgren. Bad Religion's Greg Graffin. David. Byrne. 
Who's Your Favorite Bass Players; Why?
tony levin 
Seasoned ears only
Elizabeth FTW. All we are is memory.I swear the most musical moment of my experience of recorded music I got from orange plastic sports headphones plugged into a sony walkman, tucked into the handlebar bag of my road bike, spinning a cassette I re... 
"My Dad has a system like that", she said....
i could easily see that if you were a) single, b) older, c) without music industry bona-fides, and d) trying to get laid...this hobby not help at all. Fortunately, i'm only b and d.It took over the living room of our new too-precious-to-us home. F... 
How is Mid Fi defined?
Cwlondon gets a standing ovation for his two responses above. Spot. On. 
PS Audio Bridge: First Impressions
What is your review of the user interface itself? 
PS Audio Bridge: First Impressions
thank you for sharing this info. I've been eager to hear some first hand experiences. 
Sonos Products
Can you tell me why you prefer CD? What is it that you're hearing, or not?I've been able, occasionally, to detect differences from my CDs vs. Lossless files. Not always, not all files, no real reason or pattern I can detect, which is interesting a... 
Apple Lossless
nope. sorry. 
Tube amp on/off: best practice?
ok, so here's another reason I don't want my lovely wife reading Audiogon.Thank you guys for the reality-check.