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Sonos Products
Bertico0357, at least in my experience, the Cullen mod is worth it. I've A/B'd both modified and unmodified units in front of a modest Monarch DIP>Monarch NM24 DAC>Jolida 302 integrated>Aerial Acoustic 5B system, and the difference is pre... 
Tube amp on/off: best practice?
I was under the misconception (?) that the power cycle was hard on the tubes, shortening their lifespan.Also, Samhar, I thought tubes just went quietly into the least that's how they've failed for me so far. But yikes - is there a fire-... 
Mid-priced warm sounding DAC?
x2 Ritrau's recommendation of the NM24. Warm as advertised and very very flexible -- give you both SS and tube DAC optionss, plus a decent preamp stage which you can use, or not. 
Amp for Rega rs5 speakers
They're not particularly picky. I have my 5's, along with a Gallo sub, running off a Peachtree Decco. Their Nova, a significantly better unit, is available for $1k on their site now. Hybrid SS/Tube 80 wpc w/ built-in DAC, Class A fixed out, Class ... 
What's your favorite lyric from a song?
Right at this exact moment, it's 'here's a song about nothing and everything at once'...from the new Superchunk album. It continues:the minutes and the monthsthe feeling noise becomesthe oaks and the sweetgums on the street where you are fromevery... 
Squeezebox Touch or Sonos ZonePlayer
My experience completely echos Reg's - right down to the kinds of systems we're using. Concur with Ballan's opinion, too. 
matched quads, one dead, then what?
...and this kind of seemingly random, premature tube failure is to be expected once in a while? Or is it a symptom of something else in my amp. Bias is correct, and audible performance was fine until the tube went. 
matched quads, one dead, then what?
Perfect - Thank you Mlsstl. 
"NEWEST'" Favorite album
Not super-new, but new to me and fantastic: Mitch Easter's latest, Dynamico. 
Music you HATE the most but once you LOVED it
There's a painfully long list, which Alan Parsons Project stands at the top of. Pablo Cruise. Rick Wakeman. Dan Fogleberg. Tim Weisberg.Ack, I though I could do this but it hurts too much to continue. Some things really are best forgotten. 
Best buys you've ever acquired on AG
i just picked up a pair of minty perfect Aerial Acoustics 5B monitors for $1k here, and couldn't be more pleased. 
Music you HATE the most but once you LOVED it
(cringe) Alan Parsons Project. 
Devore Gibbon 3XLs: anyone have these?
as would I. 
Sonos Products
I agree with both Byron and Larry above. For $450 (the price of the Bridge + ZP90), you get an incredible device and experience -- one which really makes music widely available in new, often unexpected ways. It's really great. And I'll heretically... 
best totem speaker
This is wonderful info, thank you. Sorry to Moehoward for the hijack.Chayro, thanks for your candor and first-hand experience. My sense was about the same: Hawks maybe, Forests probably not...