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patricia barber
JsaahYou are correct about her Cole Porter tribute. Just relaxed and emotionally involving. I saw her as well. Her drummer is good, her stand up bass Michael is unreal. Such and underrated group. When I hear the crap on the radio and the people wi... 
Why Can't I Get The Right Sound? Krell pre + PSB's
Boy you are obsessing way to much over bass. Very over rated in my opinion. Seriously. I was just reading a review of the new Martin Logans. 20K and they only go down to 60hz. How about listening for a life like presentation where you can close yo... 
speaker recommendation for low watt tube amp
Reference 3A mm deCapo's. Cain&Cain Abby's, you see a lot of them on Agon in virtual systems so you could email those people and ask their opinion. 
Need suggestion on tube amplifier with XLR inputs
It sounds like you might be in over your head. Wouldn't a simpler system result in a better sound? That has been my experience. 
Best material for inexpensive amp stands
Now I am really confused. Are we more concerned with draining resonance away from the Amplifiers or should we be more concerned about isolating the amplifiers from floor vibrations from either the bass notes or that train going by? Seems like with... 
Need suggestion on tube amplifier with XLR inputs
Atma_Sphere MK 60's, new or used. I believe Audifile sells them. 
Help me get the most out of my Merlin TSM MX
BrianmgrarcomI wouldn't say the Cayin amp sucks but rather it sounds more like soggy pizza. Is that amplifier hand crafted in Germany, I can't remember? 
Help me get the most out of my Merlin TSM MX
Swampwalker had a great suggestion. Go for that Jadis...To many people think that if they have a good speaker the sound will be good. Its is like putting premium pepperoni on a soggy pizza. How would that taste? 
small ish floor standers WAF 5-8K
Dgalyn Where are you located? 
lamm ml 2.1 amplifier art audio px25 amplifier
The Lamm ML 2.1 uses the russian tube, the 6C33. This has been popular with bat and joule electra and others. I think the tube has a dark sonic signature. The PX 25 sound is warmer and less mechanical with more spacious sound. You might also consi... 
Joule phono stage/ Enough gain for .2mv cartridge
I think you would be very happy with the Art Audio Reference Phono stage. Joe Fratus can make you a custom one at no up charge that would work well. A really fine unit.I have used the older LAP-150 with a Dynavector low output cartridge, but it ha... 
Favorite Female vocals that give you goose bumps
Regarding classical performers. It seems like those recordings are not recorded the same way, with as much care, with a good mic. I don't listen to much classical for that reason. 
Whic CD player would you pick and why
I don't believe my suggestion to "take a look at the Audio Aero Capitol" is marginalized by the fact that I carry the line. I never suggested he call me and buy one from me and until Audiopil mentioned it I am not sure anyone would have known that... 
Joule phono stage/ Enough gain for .2mv cartridge
Yes it would. 
Favorite Female vocals that give you goose bumps
Is Antony the guy who sang on the Leonard Cohen Tribute Movie? If so he is great. Can see why someone listening might think he is a woman. By the way I had mentioned Rene Marie as my new favorite. Here is a youtube clip of her singing the Black Na...