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Stuff You Tried To Love
@sokogear If you don’t like Miles you don’t like jazz, and that’s OK. Jazz comprises more than 50% of my listening and at times has comprised a much greater proportion since I first began exploring it in the mid 70’s. There are numerous Jazz ... 
Stuff You Tried To Love
@mahgister  Sometimes it is not the opinion the problem... Sometimes it is the way the opinion is phrased as an ultimatum... So true!   Not such a big deal re: audio but when it comes to politics...  
Stuff You Tried To Love
@artemus_5 I know one must be a jazz or female vocals guy in order to have an affirmed audiophile card but those genres just don’t move me. Don’t pay attention to anyone who tells you what you are or are not based upon their subjective tastes... 
Jazz for aficionados
@acman3  I did 't mean to imply PM is essentially commercial. His recordings do cover a wiide spectrum.    
I found my new reference album
Personally, I preferred her work with Birds of Chicago but each to his/her own.  
Jazz for aficionados
@curiousjim  Having encountered some of his stuff that sounded a bit too commercial for my tastes early on caused me to give up on him but given his large discography, there must be other more straight-ahead recordings I might enjoy.   
AC cords for Hegel H390 that do not color sound?
@audphile1 I think another way of looking at it is what power cord would do the least amount of harm as far as sonic character of the amp is concerned and the overall synergy as well. Yes -- this is exactly what I meant to convey but you stat... 
Jazz for aficionados
@curiousjim  I've never been a big P. Metheny fan, but "Bright Sized Life" is one I continue to enjoy.  "Like Minds" is another:    
Jazz Mount Rushmore
@rpeluso  Nothing wrong with giving an opinion. Musical taste is, by definition, highly subjective.  Perhaps you'd like either of the duo recordings Tony Bennet did with Bill Evans. Perhaps not. I'm a big Jazz fan but there are definitely Jazz a... 
Jazz Mount Rushmore
@rok2id  Exactly.     
Jazz for aficionados
Two of my favorite S. Fortune recordings:  1) "Alto Memories" co-led with Gary Bartz: 2) "From Now On":    
OCD mickey website and negativity.
I had some interactions with him when shopping for a DAC. He sent me a Metrum Pavanne and a COS (don’t recall the model). I didn’t end up buying either one but I’d have no reservations approaching him again. We got into some deep e mail discussion... 
recommend PRAT Integrated amplifiers (not Naim)
@audiocanada  ​​​​​​I'm mystified by your assertion about Hegel. My H390 has PRaT in spades. It's one of its most evident attributes.          
2024 Audio System Wish List
Upgrade digital coax and AC cables. Possibly a power conditioner.   
Anyone have experience with using de-esser for sibilance in home audio system?
@clustrocasual  Finally realized it's just moving in and out of consciousness over long periods of time. Interesting. And to what do you attribute this movement?