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Turntable matching to MC or MM cart.
If I decide to go MC low I will buy a SUT.Other words, you think that combo of MM phono stage with SUT is better choice than dedicated MC phono stage alone or you just like your MM stage a lot? 
Turntable matching to MC or MM cart.
Practically it’s subjective, we have different systems and you have no idea who is a person who will answer your question (and his/her experience with different tonearms/cartridges). Of course it’s subjective, I don’t try to reach some dogma or un... 
Turntable matching to MC or MM cart.
Phono stage / cart type and output compatible is not a question, what more interesting is mechanical, physical site of matching.  
Power regenerator vs conditioner
No, general working principles of regenerators and filters are different... and implementation of both types of equipment concerning SQ might vary depends on your preferences and power quality. I used to have PS Audio P1000 regenerator which did n... 
Streamer wanted
Teac NT-505 would be bigger animal at this price range.  
Most rooms don’t need acoustical treatment.
Truth, but only if you want to justify your room multipurpose optimisation. However, if you have dedicated room for critical listening, the room where you want to dissolve in your music without distracting factors, you’ll need treatment.  
The Lifespan of an LP?
No simple answer for this question. All depends on tt setup, pressure, adjustments factors  your way of spinning, storing and care of the records. Record’s production quality is factor too.  
Had an epiphany, what would happen when all of you die?
but, just in case I suggest to put little price sticker on every piece of your equipment back panels so you wife or kids won’t throw it away right after :) 
Had an epiphany, what would happen when all of you die?
No reason to be skeptical. The torch will be passed. This Thing is extremely contagious. New biological material is coming.  
Some interesting stats from Discogs
We r spoiled here in developed countries.... most of the world doesn’t have streaming services at all, even countries with good working internet.... of course physical media will be in use and the reason is not it’s better somehow.   
CD or Streaming... am I missing out?
Another point in favor of Streaming superiority is mobility. If you have latest phone in pair with DAC like Audiquest DragonFly Cobalt and nice pair of headphones, you can take your High Res music to your walk, workout, trip, work and other activi... 
CD or Streaming... am I missing out?
Streaming vs CDs is about convenience.  Not having to change a CD, being able to call up a wide variety of tracks with a few swipes of a tablet, and not having to store physical media.  Sound quality for streaming vs CD is essentially a non factor... 
Searching for a new CD player
I could recommend CAMBRIDGE AUDIO - CXU. Decent player with five separate Wolfs on WM8740 DACs on board and upsampling (Adaptive Time Filtering). upsamples all audio up to 24-bit/192kHz. “Pure Audio” mode could be used to disable all processes exc... 
CD or Streaming... am I missing out?
If you’ll spend at least twice more on your new streamer then you did spend on Theta Compli you’ll definitely will not be regret.  Decent streamers starts from around 2K and up... don’t go budget on it, get high res service and you’ll definitely w... 
Worst Concerts You Have Attended ??
Pink Martini at Wolf Trap about six years ago... the sound was terrible.. and the way they choose to play different country’s national hits was so funny.. it was so obvious how it divide the crowd on groups who were interested and not.However the ...