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Women who enjoy quality speakers
Hearing physiology is pretty much unisex so if the SQ is good all sexes should enjoy it equally. Usually wifes are extremely jealous to any activities which requires lots of husbands attention. Wifes wants to be the centers of the universe. Doesn’... 
Hi end tube preamps, it’s all about functionality!!
Integration of high end sound system with  tv-video equipment will negatively affect SQ.  Extra functionality futures calls for extra circuitry which add interference and lowering SQ.  Solution is to have two separate systems and even better solut... 
So you have a great hi end stereo preamp, but
The problem was discussed on different forums before and most common conclusion is to have two separate systems.  
Looking for a basic streamer without a DAC, preamp, storage and all that
Oh... sorry, I just realised that Schiit Bifrost I not MQA ready, so you won’t get MQA decoded signal on its output, but still you could do high res over the network streaming with Chromecast Audio connected via Toslink optical and Mconnect app.. ... 
Looking for a basic streamer without a DAC, preamp, storage and all that
Simplest solution is to use Tidal ready Mconnect app with google audio Chromecast device and if you connect it to your DAC with mini toslink to Toslink cable you’ll get tidal’s MQA signal 
Connecting a DAC directly to an amp?
No, tubes can’t be off during ht bypass on LS-100.  Since I don’t use the ht bypass at all I’m ok with ht bypass function on the front panel only. Otherwise it’s cool to have remote and trigger functions on LS-100... lot of high end preamps don’t ... 
Connecting a DAC directly to an amp?
I experienced big improvement in SQ when my Teac NT-505 was connected to Modwright LS-100 preamp rather than straight to the amp connection.  
Power Conditioning / Surge Protection
+1   mike_in_nc .... my friend bought Power Plant P600 Power Regenerator and  was very disappointed how it affects the SQ of his system. First I thought maybe it warming up issue or he just too used to previous setup, but when I visited him after ... 
Am I out of my mind? #obsessed
Just ignore the micro scratches. Innocuous obsession could lead to paranoia or to something even worse later. Use soft duster from walmart or target and approach the speakers only when you use it.  
Budget Tube Preamp ($2000)
Used Modwright LS-100 is just in your budget limit. Very good preamp considering price/quality ratio and availability for upgrades (Phono stage or DAC) Roll it with better tubes choice and you in Shangri-la. Currently two of them are at USAM one n... 
Are there any tube amps that don't give off any---
Some custom made class A high end amps are water cooled with very low heat factor.  For tube amps I never see it. One of the purposes of glass popping out tubes is heat Exhausting so heating is actually in tubes nature.  
Have you changed your mind about a brand? Was it you, or them?
New Colts is not like 20-30 years ago... big disappointment in assembling quality and materials. Levies jeans got pure too.. audio equipment seems to be fine.  
TEAC NT-505 impossible connecting to WiFi router o such LAN: help me please?
My bad. Shame on me!!! :))) original apps r working great. Some how Tap operations mod in the app settings was set improperly... but I still don’t understand why if Teac HR App was setup this way other apps (Lumin and Esoteric) pick that set up au... 
Next Best Upgrade for Tidal MQA?
1- Good Tube Preamp definitely. It will be significant upgrade in SQ. Modwright LS-100, Modwright LS-36.5, BAT, or Cary Audio could be in your price range. 2 - Node 2i is entry level streamer. You could upgrade it with some thing like Lumin U1 Min... 
Who are your three favorite female singers?
Correction: Meiko Kaji.