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Merry Christmas Eve everyone!
Ditto, Happy Holliday's to ALL great day for listeningT-Bone Walker First Love Blues playing NOW!!!Happy Listening 
Any Empirical Audio Synchro Mesh users out there?
very positive results!!! with Power Supply Upgrade 
tube amp and spotify
Regardless of tube or SS BMC PURE DACgreat sound versatile and value 
TUBE AMP LOVERS - What SS amp makes you smile???
Cat Jl2 Sig to Clayton M300 Monos "its all about the Bass" lol and Speed!!! 
Clayton Audio Class A amps. Need amp advice
careful,I had CAT JL2 Sig great amp, but Clayton"s Killed it and the Cat Is heavy as Hell and needs 16, 6550 tubes 2k to retube and you have to deal with designer KS. I have no affiliation with Clayton except the purchase of his amps (Wilson Shen ... 
Clayton Audio Class A amps. Need amp advice
I own the ClaytonM300 they are the real deal I've owned many tube amps Clayton gives you slam speed pace and musicality Built like a tank don't under estimate ClaytonAudio. Match with a good preamp ie audio research 5SEYOU WILL BE IN HEAVEN 
Greatest song titles..
Willie NelsonRoll me up and smoke me 
I want it all
BMC pure Dac all that and really reasonable price!!!! 
Is the BMC PureDAC a great dac?
thumbs up from me!! best kept secret,probably because of its reasonable $1690 price tag! lol 
Loss of a good man, friend, audiophile Rainwater
i must be getting old, thats the second audiogoner i met on this forum that has passed.R.I P. Brent and Paul you will be missed but never forgotten! 
choose a DAC to complete my system
Best Kept secret BMC "pure dac" you owe me for this tipbelieve me dont let the $1690 price tag fool you! 
Need your expertise over 2 dac choice....
I have the DP-777 and really think that its special!used to have the original Meitner many years back DC model cant rememberthe model. Found it to obscure detail. As far as reliability no probs so far (knock on wood) had it for 3 Months. I replac... 
Sonos mod by Wyred4Sound or Empirical Synchromesh
Wyred is really GREAT!!!! 
Silver Circle Power Conditioners - how good?
I Love mine!!! happy SE owner 
iTunes + Amarra vs high-end CD players
YES !!!!