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AMP/Speaker help please...
Agree with Steuspeed and Audiojan, bi-amping with different amps is not a good idea. Even if you try to overcome the complications, it rarely works well. 
Yamaha Aventage RX-A1020 Needs some speakers
B&W CM9's need much better power than a receiver. A separate high quality amplifier should be used with them. 
Bass leaves after amp warms up?
It's been a while since I used stock power chords but will give it a shot.Did you ever try a different power cord on the amp? 
Using a receiver as a pre-amp...many questions
I absolutely agree with Bdgregory. Just to be clear about the question, if you just forget about the number on the receiver's display, how does the system sound when you listen at different loudness levels, low, moderate, or the loudest you would ... 
Bass leaves after amp warms up?
What about the Kimber PK10, did you use it with the other amps? I remember someone talking about faulty AC connections, and thought about the plugs on each end of the PK10. Have you ever used the stock power cord? 
Bass leaves after amp warms up?
Today I will set up just amp & turntable sans digital.Sounds like a good experiment!Sounds like a great experiment. I would also use the power cord that came with the amp instead of the Kimber PK10 you have been using, and everything plugged t... 
Bass leaves after amp warms up?
Fishing, here is an article about the other conditioner that was referenced in the AudioPrism review. It’s long, but read carefully @ Listening Up… the Game is Afoot. The last 3 sentences of the 1st paragraph seem to somewhat describe your problem... 
Bass leaves after amp warms up?
As I have followed this post and looked around on the net, I just found this review on the AudioPrism III conditioner. I believe Fishing uses the II, which is very similar. What is interesting is the comment made in the 3rd paragraph from the end.... 
How to ship CD's
Here's a couple of options to the padded envelope.http://www.uline.com/BL_1455/Self-Seal-CD-Mailershttp://www.packagingprice.com/forms/product_detail.cfm?categoryID=10173&productID=3001. 
Dipole speakers in a 7.1 setup?
This link should make it easy to understand.http://info.atlantictechnology.com/bid/107022/Surround-Speaker-Placement-Do-s-and-Don-tsAlso, look at the floor plans here.http://www.hometheaterhifi.com/volume_9_3/anthem-avm-20-v2-9-2002.html. 
Dipole speakers in a 7.1 setup?
Use the 500THX for side speakers. 
Mcintosh MC240 + Audio Research SP-8?
Specifications from Stereophile review,http://www.stereophile.com/content/dynaudio-evidence-temptation-loudspeaker-specificationsAnd Captain Kirk said, “Scotty, we need more power!”. 
When buying through Agon a buyer should always-
Jea48, I’m sure the Audiogon community appreciates you bringing attention to this scam. Here are some issues that would put a question in my mind.Pay methods - Money Order/Certified Check (in context with other info)Ships from - Germany (Going to... 
Amp and pre-amp
MC 126. Seemed to have a very difficult time driving the Snells when I get drunk and turn up the volumeAnd Captain Kirk said, “Scotty, we need more power!”Here’s a couple of links that may help,http://www.hometheater.com/category/preampprocessor-r... 
Integra dtr 50.4 receiver A and B stock?
And you are welcome. Also, just so you know, my answer is from many years working in the audio industry, but retired now.