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Can you smell your speakers when youre rockin out?
"It kind of smells good; like new rubber in a bike shop or race gas smells to me. It's the association of good times :-)"Could it be something like secondhand smoke at a rock concert? They all smell the same. 
Sub recommendation for vienna acoustics bach grand
Bonginator, here’s a recent thread you should read about a guy that experienced exactly what we are saying. He upgraded a 125w amp that, if anything, would only be slightly better than receiver power, to a high quality 150w amp.His comments after ... 
Threshold Stasis 2...Worth a rebuild???
http://www.vintageamprepair.net/Sorry, not familiar with the FET 2. 
B&W CDM1 SE tweeter grille fix?
Just pull it off gently, no tools required. Years ago, I owned the original CDM1, same grille.Use this link and navigate to the CDM1 SE, you will see a drawing that should help you understand.http://bwgroupsupport.com/manuals/service 
Sub recommendation for vienna acoustics bach grand
Agree with Zd542 and Schubert, those speakers need a quality, high current amp of at least 200w/ch to get the performance they are capable of. Sound from them will improve in every way, not just the bass. 
Stevie Ray Vaughan
A must have for SRV fans is the CD with Albert King – In Session. 
Blu Ray and external DAC's
I just looked at the BDP-52FD manual, and here’s what I would check.If you are using L/R stereo out, that should just work. If not, the digital audio out may need to be turned off. Page 42 seems to indicate this.If you are using digital audio out ... 
Blu Ray and external DAC's
What Blu-ray player do you have? 
Polk Audio RT2000p or LSi 25's--- WHO CARES ???
"IGNORANCE IS BLISS"You don't have to shout!!!You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. 
Polk Audio RT2000p or LSi 25's--- WHO CARES ???
I doubt seriously if any of those 100 hits, me being one of them, has any personal experience with the specific differences between these two Polk speakers, so why make comments if you can’t talk intelligently? Have you tried any other forums, esp... 
Recommendation Speaker Cable around $1000-$2000
“Speakers cost $1000, single run non-biwire no more than $2000, double biwire, single run cable x2 - $4000.”WOW, that shoots the old 10% rule, not just out the window, but into the stratosphere.That’s your opinion, and it’s OK, but given a $5000 b... 
MF Tri Vista 21 channel dead
Sorry, made a mistake on above link.This will work,Tempo High Fidelity LLC 
MF Tri Vista 21 channel dead
MF does list Tempo High Fidelity LLC as US Distributor.Here's a link for you,Tempo High Fidelity LLC 
I wanna rock -- with monitors on stands
No doubt that with large, high sensitivity speakers, and enough power, you will rock. But with stand mounted monitors, it does get more difficult. As far as I can tell, your Reference 3A’s have a higher sensitivity than any of the monitors recomme... 
Floorstanders 3K
Check out this review.http://www.positive-feedback.com/Issue54/zu_defs.htm