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Mono block or bi-amp
*It it is my understanding that the Bryston amp can be bridged."If it can be bridged, it is very unlikely that it can be used with the Magnepan 1.6. As a general rule, a bridged amp requires a speaker with 8 ohms minimum even if it can drive 4 ohm... 
Pass XA200.8 Review - Fun measurements
30 years ago I made a purchase primarily based on measurements and it turned out to be something I was not happy with. Since that time only purchase based on how it sounds, but will look at specifications for component compatibility. 
insurance and shipping with UPS
Most damage is caused by poor packing. For large heavy items, double boxing is important, but it’s just as important to use the proper materials. Boxes and packing materials have specifications for the intended purpose. Even double boxing with lig... 
Power Rating: Onkyo vs Yamaha
I'm still curious as to how Onkyo can build a 4 ohm stable amp for $500 and it takes Yamaha $2500, their lesser priced amps using a speaker impedance switch. I can't remember when this switch first appeared on an amp, but I don't believe it was on... 
Power Rating: Onkyo vs Yamaha
rafapbSorry, but I think you're splitting hairs with the amps. For practical considerations, one is not any more powerful than the other. Also, with THD specs that low, the difference is meaningless. Years ago, some amps were manufactured with THD... 
I've got the Summertime Blues. Power conditioner necessary?
From your previous post,"am looking into my electrical system (think I have a dedicated line)"Did you have a dedicated line installed? Highly unlikely that you would just have one. A dedicated line with upgraded outlet does more than just help wit... 
Need cable to soften brightness just a little?
I agree with others to give things a some time, however if you want to try a different cable, I suggest getting a pair of Mogami cables, using either the w2534 or w2549. The w2549 is a twisted pair and the w2534 is a star quad design. Your Blue Je... 
Do you hate the new Audiogon search results?
ebmI'm sure they are getting plenty of complaint emails and no doubt many are expressing dissatisfaction here, however that's just many small voices. It's like shooting peas at an elephant. What EVERYONE needs to do is to take a single action resu... 
New Audiogon equipment search format.
uberwaltzI understand how everyone wants to vent their frustrations here, however I also hope they realize that is just many small voices. Your above post needs to be something others should think about. Then those many small voices could possibly... 
Best Songs To Sing In The Car To Embarrass Your Kids
After Thanksgiving but before Christmas, it would be very appropriate to play,Merry Christmas from the Family - Robert Earl Keen 
Best Songs To Sing In The Car To Embarrass Your Kids
There’s plenty to choose from in what was called Bubblegum music during 60’s to 70’s. Here’s some that should work.Yummy, Yummy, Yummy - Ohio ExpressSugar, Sugar - The ArchiesSweat Pea - Tommy RoeKnock 3 Times - Tony Orlando and Dawn 
Connect a sub to stereo system
The difference between the two outputs is that the "lab" is direct coupled and the "norm" is capacitive coupled. I agree, use "lab" to the power amp. 
New Look for Audiogon hard to work with
"Wow, this is very user unfriendly." Yep, best way to describe it is, like a monkey **cking a football. 
New Look for Audiogon hard to work with
Portholes? Is the site underwater, like a mortgage loan underwater. Maybe they're sending a subliminal message? 
Yes, I agree as well and have heard improvement in a 1k system. Let the games begin.