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A rocking tube amp & speaker combo?
I have heard at least a dozen different Klipsch models over the past 25 yrs including cornerhorns and LaScalas. Have heard them in numerous stores and homes with tube and SS amps - never heard them sound good, there is always a 'fingernail on blac... 
What's your favorite lyric from a song?
"McArthur's Park is melting in the rain.I don't think that I can take it, cause it took so long to bake it,And I'll never have that recipe agaiiiin - Oh Nooooooo!" 
which woofer do you prefer
REL makes great sounding and logically performing subs as does Vandersteen. Unfortunately, the Vandy is quite large and somewhat difficult to set up - but once done, it's done. Lots of RELs because they sell lots of units and, like someone else sa... 
ProAc or Merlin
Manuel,I have had 2.5s for 6 yrs and know exactly what you mean. I think ProAc hit musical gold with this speaker - it is so satisfying that it cured my 'audiophile nevosa' for replacing speakers. I still occasionally search out and listen to othe... 
what happened to cd player build quality ?
Nrchy is right. Most everybody wants something for very little, it not anything. This is why Walmart, Costco, and Sam's Club are doing bang up business. People want lots of stuff but they want it cheap and cheaper and really don't care how cheaply... 
Looking for Speaker Recommendation
Dawgbyte - I'll be making a pilrimage to Green Mountain soon to search for them. I'll keep a diary and would be willing to share my experience. Have started a fast this week and should be ready soon. 
Back to Basics with Magical Mini Monitors
Yes, rear porting on the Epos would cause problems if too close to a wall. I have heard Harbeths twice (not in my system) and thought they sounded superbly musical, more so than Epos. I loved the look and feel of Harbeths, also, however, the Epos ... 
Back to Basics with Magical Mini Monitors
Lots of choices. I second the Harbeths and don't forget Spendors, Epos (damn good deal on EL12s on Audio Advisor right now), Merlins, Silverlines, and the 'L' series by Quad like the 11 & 12. 
Tube Amplifier Rec. for Proac 1.5 or D 15?
Check the Decware website as they now have a very good EL34 monblock w/ 30wts per channel at around $1,500.00 per set brand new with a 30 day home trial. I have ProAc Response 2.5s which work real good with my 300B 10wt AirTight and has worked goo... 
I'm thinking of getting into tubes, what do you
Gfloyd53 - You may not need a pre-amp at all. I had the same experience with a highly regarded $8,000.00 pre-amp (soft, warm, lacking in detail, and I kept having to turn the volume up to get any satisfaction). I bought it used and kept for 6 mont... 
Oversampling/Increased dither: a lot of hype?
Where do we find such items? Can you give us some websites of manufacturors? What is SN, a company name? 
What music do you want to play really loud?
Hendrix - Electric LadylandAnything by Art BlakeyThe Allman Brothers Band - The Allman Brothers BandGrand Funk Railroad - The Live 1971 TourThe first five albums by SantanaDuke Ellington - Live at Newport 1956 
Looking for Speaker Recommendation
Geez, Dawgbyte! You're killing' us! (Although I do hear they're very good speakers. Wish I had some.) 
Any new review for Quad 22L speaker ???
Hey, guys! How easy are these "L" series speakers to drive? What would be the least amp power needed? Thanks. 
300B vs. KT88 SET?
Zoya,I think, based on what you have written and your speakers, you'd be happiest with a 300B amp. But remember, all 300B amps are not equal. It's very important to get a properly designed one with proper circuitry and transformers. After having ...