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alternative to speaker stand spikes?
Audiopoints make "Coupling Discs" which protect the floors and other surfaces from the points on spikes. 
Review: Denon DL 103R Cartridge
Probably the FR64 would be the best. 
why spikes under speakers???
Everybody can have it their own way.I don't care anymore.Do your circle game and have fun.I don't have any more discussion in me.Good bye. 
why spikes under speakers???
Thank you Bob, for your comments.Much appreciated. 
why spikes under speakers???
Rooze, good question.Basically it pertains to the thermodynamic laws, which state first that energy cannot be created or destroyed, but can only be transferred; and secondly that energy will seek the ground state via the path of least resistance. ... 
why spikes under speakers???
El, to answer your question about what makes Audiopoints better, here are some explanations.The material and geometrical shape of the Audiopoints make the difference, based upon what we want to achieve.Audiopoints do not "drain", nor do they "damp... 
Lugnut needs your advice on small speakers
This sounds to me like a perfect excuse to build a set of Voigt Pipes.Fostex drivers, and DIY construction will fit the budget.Lowther drivers, and DIY construction will push the budget up some, but will sound like $10k speakers.Crossoverless, act... 
Any pics of TWL'S "Strange Tonearm Tweak"?
Hi Guys.I emailed the link to the questioner above.For those interested, here is a link to my virtual system page with the blown-up photo of the HiFi mod on my OL Silver arm, on my Teres 245 table. 
why spikes under speakers???
I don't use "spikes", I use Audiopoints.These actually do work.I never confuse "spikes" with Audiopoints, since they are totally different devices, that happen to look similar to other spikes.Tom LyonsStarsound Technologies 
Effective "effective mass" primer for dummies
The VTF is not really affected by vertical effective mass, as long as the record is flat. IF there is a warp or change in vertical plane during play, then the effective mass can have an effect of compressing the stylus as it rides up the warp, and... 
So my wife says to me this morning
Plato, yes the HiFi mod is the mod with the lead fishing weights on the ends of the Rega bearing axles.It is simply amazing when you use it with the lower compliance cartridges on the Rega arms.Basically, it just makes the horizontal effective mas... 
So my wife says to me this morning
I think that the Scout has a better drive system, but the Rega arm is a better match for the DL103.For Cableplex, if you want that system to really sound good with that cartridge, take 5 minutes to do the HiFi mod to the tonearm for about $2, and ... 
How do you deal with vibration?
I've decided that everything is imagined, even that I'm imagining.So therefore, since everything in "reality" is imagined, it matters not whether we are imagining it or not, because everything we know is imagined. Even double-blind testing is no a... 
How do you deal with vibration?
Notice how well I've kept my fat nose out of this thread. 
Cain Abby vs Reference 3a De Capo i
I've been reading alot of posts where people like to pair a supertweeter with the Fostex drivers.In my opinion, it would be money better spent to step up to the Lowther drivers, which extend to 22kHz by themselves and need no supertweeter.I've use...