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Great Customer Service
Krell is second to none IMO on customer service. I bought a used 300il with a non working remote, they asked if I was the original owner which I replied no. They entered my name and address in their data base, within a week they sent me 2 new remo... 
Too Bright Big Blue Meters : Re: McIntosh MA6900
All Mcintosh meters are clear and white, its the cellophane gelatin paper behind the glass that is taped over the meters that give it its blue color. Over the years smoking or age sometimes fade or discolor the meters shade. Mcintosh will sell a s... 
Tube or SS preamp use with SS amp???
Go for it, I have the C2200 with my 1201's and used it with my MC352. It was a major improvement over my MX130 and C38. Another benefit is of course tone controls over the C100 if you decide to use them. Its a great sounding pre-amp and IMO Mcinto... 
Line Conditioners or Power Filters?????
Should or could the LC1 be used as a cord for a Richard Gray power condtion? Thanks, John 
Your Favorite, Most Outstanding Guitar Solo
Erruption, Van Halen! 
Mcintosh C2200
Yes, spoke with Chuck at Mcintosh. He confirmed only the first 50 or so units Mcintosh made were affected. 
JM Labs, Altos or 946
Thanks for your response Dave. Switching the 1201's was just a thought, didnt think I would need all that power with the Altos and I always wanted the MC2000 as a collectors piece, will definatly wait till I hear the results with the 1201's first.... 
Anyone familiar with McIntosh 122 Amplifier ?
I had a classe cap-151 intergrated with my Maggie MG12's and found my setup to be very bright. The room didnt help but was willing to try another amp just to be sure. Was reluctant to try the MC122, didnt think it might have the power for the magg... 
Personal speaker evolution
Altec Model 5...600 new (sold)Mcintosh XRT18's...5000 new (sold)...main sysMagnepan 3.6's....3000 Used (sold)...main sysMagnepan MG12's...795 used (sold)..bedroom setMagnepan SMG...295 used (sold)...bedroom setMagnepan MMG's...550 new (sold)...bed... 
VTL-IT85 or Classe CAP-151 for magnepan MMG
Thanks for your suggestions, MrDerrick do you think the 9's are that much an improvement over the 12's? I used the 9's on my 3.6's (disliked those giant T1spades lol) and didnt really hear a difference over the 12's. Any opinions on Cardas hexlink... 
Manley Stingray & magnepan MMG's
Had to spike my wife with a zanex to get the 3.6 in the living room, dont know what she will spike me with if I upgrade to the 1.6 in the bedroom. lol 
magnepan 3.6
Thank you for you quick responses. Happy new year!....John 
Mcintosh amps...2 MC7300's, or 1 MC 352
Thanks for your response, took your advice and got a 2nd 7300. My xtr18's only have 2 speaker inputs, is bridging my only option there?