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Bat vk75se
Working on that with a local electrician and picking up some Hubbel outlets. 18amps, wow...have 2 freezers at work going in the same line that only draw 9amps. Wouldnt 2 dedicated lines drawing 9amps apiece be enough? Thanks, John 
Bat vk75se
I did try the MC2000 and felt the 800's were starved for power on the lower end. Would like an amp that can drive the bass at lower dbs without blasting the mids and highs to an uncomfortable level....anyone ever bi-amp a pair of 150se's? 4 large ... 
Supratek chrome plated chassis cleaning?
Ive had great results with a tube of Harley Davidson chrome cleaner. 
Suggestions for B&W 800N
Thanks for your responses, I think most of the amps Ive listed would be good choices. Was hoping to learn a little more about the pre amp match, would a single ended Conrad Johnson be an good option with a balanced solid state amp. Regards, John 
Tube amp to drive MBL 101's
Tireguy, I heard the 800 GTR's with Nova Utopias..nothing small about those guys. Each chasis covers 8 square feet of floor space, times that by four and you still need another 8 feet for their reference pre, took up half the living room floor! La... 
Tube amp to drive MBL 101's
Ask Albert Porter here on Audiogon about his VTL MB 750's, they are listed with pics. Heard them in Miami last week with the new Wilson Maxx, dont know if they will match with your 101's but Im sure Albert will know. Good luck 
Safe cleaning of Vintage McIntosh chrome amps?
Harley Davidson chrome cleaner worked wonders on my MX110. Didnt remove any of the silk screen. Try a dab on the rear first, lots of Qtips and wooden skewers work great for hard to reach places. Best of luck. 
Big Stupid Warm Speakers
Mcintosh pre Clarion Xr19,Xrt20,and Xrt22's....The Anna Nicole of Big Fun Speakers. 
It's 2050. I'm 84 years old...
Keith Richards, then give her a few bucks so she can catch him live Viper Room. 
Best Speaker for Loud Rock w/ tubes
Klipsch Heritage Line! Belles are my fav. 
best rock voices
Might catch some flack here but I always thought Freddy Mercury of Queen had amazing range and a unique style of his own. 
which amp for 12,500
Hi AJ, if you enjoyed the MC2102 I would get a second MC2102 amp, sell the 802's and upgrade to the 800's...and put the 4000.00 to 5000.00 your saving into a tennis bracelet for the wife for being so cool! Best of luck!! 
Freezer Cryoed Cables...
I boiled mine with great results! 
Hi-end CD 5-disk Changers?
Check out the Mcintosh MCD205, front loading player that holds 5 discs. Still current in their product line. Specs are on their website. Seen a few sell on the gon in mid to high teens. 
No Audiophiles in Hollywood
Jack Nicholson had a nice Mcintosh MC2102 system in AS GOOD AS IT GETS with a 12 foot stack of vinyl supported on a shelf underneath. Lets not forget Mcintosh's famous erotic MC2255 5..4..3..2..1.. countdown on Micky Rourke's system in 9 1/2 weeks...