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$25k vs $200k
Warren, what were the Altos setup with? 
Got any of your dream system yet?
It would all go and would buy MeJames's system. 
"hard bop" jazz heads....
Download Bluenote radio. Their entire catalouge is online with some sampling tracks available on certain artists. Click the classics section during playback and most of the artists noted above on the blue note label will be on the playlist. Look f... 
Now I Really Need a Power Conditioner? ?
How about a really big chainsaw? 
5 CD's on your current "permanent " rotation.
Bob Marley....LegendNew Order.....SubstanceHank Mobley...Roll CallU2............Joshua TreeColtrane......Standard ColtraneAmong many others, these selections always make me feel good. 
Rick James - Rest In Peace
Agree on music of our youth and and Rick's unique style but.....Up there? If there is an up there, then there definatly is a down there where you'll find Ol Rick suckin on a pipe, Jerri curls on fire and slappin some Mary Jane's around. 
McIntosh C-100 vs C-200 any sonic difference???
From what I understand only diff is the digital display and new triangular endcaps matching the newer series. 
best / worst album cover
I second the blue and red nasal passage and tonsils of King Crimson's debut album...artist had to be on acid! 
Maggie's and cats
Cryo the cats! 
Mcintosh MC2000 owners please help
Hello Aida, the Amati homage was on my list. We have a local chain that carries sonus faber here in fla but only go as high as the cremonas which just wouldnt be enough speaker in my room size. Planning a trip to NYC and will give the Amati's a tr... 
Mcintosh MC2000 owners please help
Thanks Bwhite, did you ever try KT90's. Ive seen many of the MC2000's on sale have swaped out their tubes with the 90's. Regards, John 
Mcintosh MC2000 owners please help
Thanks for your response. Bwhite, for the amperex early runs are you refering to the ones made in holland or germany? What made you decide to mix 2 stock svetlanas in the genalex quads and what benefit is there in doing so? For PC's I have Tara la... 
McIntosh MC40 / Eico HF60
$1000.00 to $1400.00 pair for the Mcintosh MC40's. For some reason they dont sell as well as the 30's and 60's. 
Cayin T30
Speaking of sound on the TA30, I just got mine 2 weeks ago. I had the EL34's changed to KT88's. I enjoy the sound but find the bass still a little too loose. I am using them on my Apogee Centaur Majors ( small listening room, 12 x 12 ), am I askin... 
Narrow tuner.
I think some of the older Luxman tuners might fill your need. Goodluck,John