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15k USD Speakers for Classical and Pop Extended Listening, Near setup, Low volume
Dutch & Dutch 8C. I haven’t listened to a pair. If you can find a pair of Sonus Faber Guarneri Evolutions get 'em but they have to have the Sonus stands to work their best.. Maybe a sub too.    
Stereophile review of the $30,000 tekton speakers
Paging Mr. MillerCabon. Where are you?  
A.I. music
Pandora has left the building. Sure there’s “good”’AI but in the hands of evil doers or computers on their own ( that's coming along too ) and big trouble will be in the mix more and more.  AI is perfect tool for the root of all evil.   
Roon Build 1382 SQ
Here's this..Can't remember where I found this for best sound.   This guide assumes you have already downloaded and installed Roon Core/Server 2.0 on your source and Roon Endpoint version 2.0 on a Mac or PC. Access the settings menu by clicking ... 
The time has come and I request advice...
Lumin D 2 with upgaded PSU @ TMR. Retuns accepted but you will not need too.   
Best HIFI Stores LA/Orange
+1 Upscale. Call ahead.   
Clean power and it's affect on sound quality
@garebear Kidding on the internet?  
Clean power and it's affect on sound quality
@squared80  (6400 for short) Nope. Clean power needed and better.   
New Audiogon URL restrictions are too much
Same blockage issues for this user on several occasions.   
Acceptable to ask seller for option to return a component?
+1 @chayro TMR tip top to trade with. No caveat emptor w/ them. So @djb2573 if you’re hesitant don’t buy. PM me please for a special on a bridge in Brooklyn. NOT! On Agon you see if they are a Verified Dealer and see their recent and lifetime fe... 
To loom or not to loom?
I have all sorts of cables making up my systems. I have noticed is that there are a LOT of Cardas and Transparent full or mostly full loom lifetime happy campers. In my unwashed opinion must of the good stuff is terrific and personal subjective ... 
It's your streamer, not your modem
@erik_squires One time I unplugged the Ethernet cable in the back of the streamer and the band played on.  
Effect of Internet Service Quality on Streaming?
@nyev There’s an old saying, "Madness takes it toll; please have exact change." Feel for you. I have gone through a months’ long house internet bugaboo that was h e double hockey sticks to sort out. Is streamer hard wired? It does seem like pow... 
Effect of Internet Service Quality on Streaming?
@nyev Could the TV be sending out some sort of interference? Could it be one of the components (doubtful). What kind of lights are in use near by? Is there some big eclectic using appliance near by? Micro wave tower near by? Perhaps I missed it b... 
AI (Audiogon Intelligence)
One more and chat GPT waxed prosaic  BAM   ChatGPT 3.5   Do expensive power cables make a difference?   ChatGPT The effectiveness of expensive power cables is a subject of debate among experts. Some argue that they can improve sound or i...