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Effect of Internet Service Quality on Streaming?
@nyev There’s an old saying, "Madness takes it toll; please have exact change." Feel for you. I have gone through a months’ long house internet bugaboo that was h e double hockey sticks to sort out. Is streamer hard wired? It does seem like pow... 
Effect of Internet Service Quality on Streaming?
@nyev Could the TV be sending out some sort of interference? Could it be one of the components (doubtful). What kind of lights are in use near by? Is there some big eclectic using appliance near by? Micro wave tower near by? Perhaps I missed it b... 
AI (Audiogon Intelligence)
One more and chat GPT waxed prosaic  BAM   ChatGPT 3.5   Do expensive power cables make a difference?   ChatGPT The effectiveness of expensive power cables is a subject of debate among experts. Some argue that they can improve sound or i... 
AI (Audiogon Intelligence)
Here’s an example of not resdy My Q Are all streamers the same. After all bits are bits. ChatGPT While it's true that streaming involves transmitting digital data (bits), not all streamers are the same. Streamers differ in terms of content... 
AI (Audiogon Intelligence)
I asked chat Gpt   does audiogone forum need chat gpt? ChatGPT Whether Audiogon forum needs a chatbot like ChatGPT would depend on various factors such as user engagement, community needs, and the platform's goals. ChatGPT could potentiall... 
Clean power and it's affect on sound quality
Thanks fot this mircodose of pontification. Listening to “Here comes the sun”  while in the downward dog pose while trying not to pass gas will also explode your sound stage.   
Townshend platform under digital component or amplifier ?
I use these CRMP Cork/Neoprene Pads under KHorns to very good effect.  
Network optimization for serious streamers
@tonywinga I also found that while the fiber optic sound was ever so clean using an Audio Sensibility Signature I2S Ethernet Cable sounded less sterile. If you will, less digital and more analog sounding. Is there such a thing as too clean soundin... 
Tube tester
Tube tester = Uncle Fester (Had to be said)  
Qobuz Playing Games with my bill
News flash. I did get a response from them on a billing thing. It was ten days later.   
Need Guidance for Next/Last Pair of Speakers
Tanny, Klipsh and Sonus Faber.  Yup yup yup. Used pair of big Revels too. It would be helpful to know yr. amp, source, etc.     
BAACH two week report
@kennyc I think the mini can be the core too but I don’t know but they will. USB IN is used on my DAC for the Baach. But again they will know if yours is good to use.  
A valentine poem to tubes
Tubes glow red and when you are blue turn ‘em on and the magic ensues. Can’t tell the difference? Can’t suzz out the inference? To me, its not worth the diffidence to transistors fellow audio princesses and princes. If it sounds good no matte... 
BAACH two week report
@kennyc Don’t think it degrades sound. It sure is different. Lovely For first time set up it needs a monitor and keyboard to use w/ mini. After that (mac uses command K) it works from my laptop using screen sharing used only if needed access to t... 
BAACH two week report
@tump350  Before is in the past. For my rig the Grimm streamer/Weiss DAC bested a Lumin X1. Simpley put that marvellous Grimm (oxymoronic wording) is now three dimensional, fuller if you will, than before. Not every recording has various instrumen...