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Just FREEZE it?.......................
Why bother with real Cryo treatment when you can just stick it in the freezer? Seriously though, my PorterPorts seemed like they made an improvement. 
Best small intro to tubes?
PrimaLuna Prologue 1 or 2 integrated. Either new within your price range. 
Jazz Recommendations.
You might try THIS THREAD for suggestions. I found it very helpful when I first started exploring jazz, particularly Sdcampbell's posts.My suggestions for entry selections would be Miles Davis - Kind of Blue, Bill Evans - Waltz for Debby and Sonny... 
4 must have hours of baby boomer music?
This may be better for late 40's early 50's boomers but, assuming you have access to a multidisc player you can put on random shuffle, for a "fun" mix, I might try:Beach Boys - Endless Summer (or one of the other compilations)Rolling Stones - Fort... 
Preamp Deal of the Century
Nothing to add. Just wanted to shoot for post 2000 on this thread. Do I get a prize? 
Best tracks to "show off" your system
Lkc boot - What Sheffield Lab site? says "This domain is expired". Is there another one? 
Upgrade for Magnum Dynalab FT101A
I have the same tuner. My question is, how often do you listen to FM? If not a lot, why bother with an upgrade (versus upgrading amp/speakers/front end)? Performance, while perhaps not great by an FM junkies' standards, is perfectly acceptable wit... 
audiophiles or retrophiles
Uh....did you have a question or did you want to make a speech? 
Realy Stupid Question- how do you pronounce Teres?
Creeper - just for clarity sake, is that "ez" as in Pez? 
Amp Clipping? with my Swan 6.1's
Distortion/Gregory - Thanks, that's what I thought. Mine was a rhetorical question for the poopster - suggesting perhaps he shouldn't "crank the system to it's maximum". 
Amp Clipping? with my Swan 6.1's
Out of curiousity, is there any amp that doesn't clip when actually playing music at maximum volume setting? 
creek 4330/SE
As you probably can guess, the SE versions usually have upgraded parts and a bit more power. Here is a link that explains some of the differences.Also from the spec comaparisons are:4330Power Output (both c... 
Epos M-12s VS Epos ELS3
Haven't heard either the m12 or its replacement M12.2. Assuming the new model is an improvement to the old, there is a Stereophile comparision of the ELS 3's to the 12.2's slightly smaller brother M5's HERE that might be helpful. 
Brain Becomes an Ipod long as you have an off switch 
7/7 London
An attack like this on anyone is an attack on everyone. We should all be outraged, and I expect most are.