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Can I put receiver and CD player on top of my sub?
Can you? Yes. Should you? Probably not if you have other alternatives. Even with isolating devices between the sub and the electronics, you probably have other places to put them that would not be as directly influenced by vibration. 
How many audiophiles to screw in a light bulb?
One to point out that anything built since this one pales in comparison. 
Why are audiophiles perceived as being wackos?
It is a well known fact that yellow paint has a lower coefficient of drag hence it's use on race cars. May also be the reason behind B&W's nifty yellow kevlar drivers. But that is beside the point. As for the real point of this thread, why aud... 
Why are audiophiles perceived as being wackos?
I think Cwlondon has nailed a big part of it - high end is marketed by audiophiles to audiophiles and not to the greater masses. Coupled with the fact that, aside from a college students dorm room or apartment, which also has stellar furniture suc... 
What's the funniest song you ever heard?
I agree with Frank Zappa (adding "please don't eat the Yellow Snow"), Randy Newman (adding "Short People") and various Dr. Hook. I'd also add Warren Zevon (e.g. "Werewolves of London") and Tonio K (e.g. "Life in the Foodchain", "H-A-T-E-R-E-D"). 
advice on hiding cables
Slipknot has the best answer I know of. For my "living room" system, I run the cables through the floor, through the basement, then back up. If you have that option, you can also "hide" your amp in a closet or in the basement and score some WAF po... 
Best Used Bang for Buck if I Finally SWITCH ?
After a hard drive crash on my wife's PC, we decided to replace it with an iMac G5. She has been quite happy with it although, after using a Windows PC for a decade, the interface took a month or so to get used to. Maybe Apple is more intuitive bu... 
Snell type B :help w/thread size and id
I have no clue but you might just try e-mailing them via their web site 
Moving to separates
You might try Musical Fidelity. Notwithstanding negative reactions from some who believe Stereophile has prostituted itself to them or that they "upgrade" their line too often, they actually make stuff that sounds pretty good. While frequent upgra... 
Twisted Lyrics :
There are a number of threads on this topic, the most recent of which is HERE 
Is Windows Media Lossless Lossless???
Excerpt from November, 2004 Stereophile review of Indigo I/O soundcard"I used iTunes as my primary playback engine, with Apple Lossless Compression applied to the test tracks to keep file sizes manageable. As I wrote in September, ALC compresses A... 
Is Windows Media Lossless Lossless???
Haven't done what you have done so haven't heard anything.However, you might try using Apple Lossless conversion rather than WMA. I recall that someone reported in Stereophile, I believe in conjunction with their review of the iPod, that they had ... 
New TV technology ?
"Consumer units are expected to be available in 2002." Seems like they may have run in to some difficulties getting the technology right (or affordable) given it is 3 years behind schedule. Is it real, or just another dream? 
Unintended lyrics
If you listen closely to Springsteen's version you can make out "wrapped up like a deuce". The Manfred Mann version sound like it was intentionally sung as "wrapped up like a douche". 
Have U ever bought an LP because of the cover art?
Not that I exactly "got into" the artist but I recall buying David Bromberg Band - Reckless Abandon some 25+ years ago because of the LP cover. Enjoyed the album though I never bought anything else.