100% USA designed & made DAC

I am curious as to what besides Bricasti is a "good" designed and made in America DAC. I am aware of PS Audio as well. It seems like all the accolades are for either Eastern European of far Eastern pieces. Thanks, Allen


Geshelli is really top notch. $250 and it blow my mind. I have an Ares II and I considering selling.

+1 for Wyred 4 Sound.

As was mentioned their DACs have received a lot of love over the years and have been on my list of DACs to try. Recently I was able to pick up a used DAC 2 DSDse for ~$900 and have been absolutely loving it. For another $1k I can have it upgraded to the latest specs but for as well as it is working in my system I’m going to keep enjoying it as is for now and spend the money on other upgrades.

Border Patrol was made in Maryland & now in Virginia. Very reasonably priced & imo, sounds like real music. 

Unfortunately our government standard to be labeled Made in USA is only something like 25% of parts made here. Could even be lower these days