Where were your audio components designed/engineered?

Just interested in which country was your gear designed (not manufactured). It might be fun to see where we are from and which companies have influenced our wallets and our audio tastes the most??

My gear-
Amp/preamp - Parasound - Canada
Integrated amp - Line Magnetic Audio - China
Speakers - Magnepan - USA
Speakers (2nd system) - Vandersteen - USA
DAC - Benchmark Media - USA
DAC (2nd system) - Shiit Audio - USA
CD player - Sony - Japan
CD player (2nd system) - Rega - United Kingdom
Streamer/DAC - Bluesound - USA
Digital Storage - Western Digital - USA
Interconnects/ cables - Blue Jeans - Signal Cables - Analysis Plus - USA

Your audio gear?

Speakers - Wilson - USA
Amps - Audio Research - USA
Turntable - Michell - UK
Cartridge - Lyra - Japan
Phonostage - Whest - UK
DAC - PS Audio - USA
Power - Shunyata - USA
Interconnects & Speaker Cable - Cardas - USA

Mini-soda (2)
Cowifornia (2)
Frozen Northern Wasteland (1)
SushiVille (1)
Melos Preamp / USA
Jeff Korneff Power Amp / USA
Sonic Frontiers / Phono Amp Canada
Parasound DAC / Canada
Pioneer Elite CDP / Japan
Hand Built Turntable / My basement (USA)
Polestar Arm / Japan
REL Sub / UK
Lowther Speakers / England
ExactPower Transformer / USA
PS Audio Conditioner / USA
Valvet Mono Block Amps / Germany

Pickups: London (the company!)---England

RIAA amplifier: Herron---U.S.A.

Arms: Zeta, Helius---England

Turntables: Townshend---England; VPI---U.S.A.

CD/SACD: Esoteric---Japan

Tuner: McIntosh---U.S.A.

Tape: Revox---Switzerland/Germany; Nakamichi---Japan

Pre-Amp: EAR-Yoshino---England

Cross-Over: First Watt---U.S.A.

Power Amps: Music Reference, Electron Kinetics, PS Audio, Bedini---U.S.A.

Speakers: QUAD---England; Eminent Technology, Magnepan, GR Research/Rythmik---U.S.A.

Mechanical isolation: Townshend Audio---England; Symposium Acoustics---U.S.A.; Ingress Engineering---Canada

Cables: Kimber, Clear Day, Tara Labs---U.S.A.; Mogami---Japan

Electrical: Shunyata, Porter---U.S.A.

Acoustical: Acoustic Science Corp---U.S.A. (PI Audio and/or GIK Acoustics to follow shortly)

LP care: V.P.I., Torumat, Nitty Gritty, The Last Factory---U.S.A.

Drums: Camco, Gretsch, Leedy, Ludwig, Radio King, Rogers, Slingerland, WFL---U.S.A.

Cymbals: Paiste---Switzerland; Zildjian---U.S.A.; Bosphorus---Turkey

Speakers - Reference 3A - Canada
Amps - Pass Labs - USA
Preamp - Audio Research - USA
Phono preamp - Allnic - South Korea
Turntable - VPI - USA
CDP - Playback Designs - USA
Power conditioner - Bybee Stealth - USA
Cables/Cords - Silent Source/High Fidelity/CH Acoustic - USA
I thought Parasound gear was designed in California and manufactured in Taiwan.
Speakers - USA
Amplifiers - USA
Preamp - USA
DAC - Netherlands
Server - New Zealand
Racks/Stands - USA
Speakers: Daedalus - USA
Amplifier: VAC - USA
Preamp/Signal Processor: DEQX - Australia
Phono Stage: Herron - USA
Turntable: SOTA - USA
Tonearm: Magnepan - USA
Cartridge: Audio Technica - Japan
CDP: Bryston - Canada
FM Tuner: Radio Engineering Laboratories (vintage) - USA
Internet Radio Tuner: Logitech Squeezebox Touch - USA (?)
Cassette Deck: Tandberg - Norway
Headphones & Amplifier: Stax - Japan
Record Cleaner: Nitty Gritty - USA

-- Al

Drums - Pearl Ref Taiwan, Roland TD-30 (Japan/China)
Keyboards: Nord 5E designed Sweden, keyboard Italian mostly made in China, Korg SV-1 (not sure mostly China and Japan)
Guitars Fender Precision Bass and Krueger amp (USA), Gibson Les Paul Supreme USA
JBL PA system PRX612 and matching 15" PRX sub 

Benchmark DAC3 - designed and built in New York, USA
ATC active EL150ASL - designed and built in Shroud, Gloucestershire , UK
Pioneer TT - Japan

  I have owned McIntosh equipment for over 30 years. Also own Apogee Duetta II speakers and Martin Logan Summit X speakers. All designed, built in the U.S., except Martin Logan is now designed in the U.S., and built in Canada. 
rsfphil -
you are right, I stand corrected, Parasound is based in San Fran, CA, USA!!

BTW hey what kind gear do you have??
All the Herron gear was engineered in the U.S. That’s phono stage, pre, amps and the [modified] DAC (St. Louis)
Turntable and arms were engineered and manufactured in the U.S. (New Joysee)
Cartridges were engineered and manufactured in Japan
The Onkyo CD player (used as transport) was engineered in Japan
Speakers seem to be a global effort though the final assembly, cabinet and electronics were engineered in the U.S.
Accuphase E-303x integrated amp – Japan

Accuphase T-103 tuner – Japan

Electrocompaniet EMC-1UP CD player – Norway

Harbeth P3ESR speakers – U.K.

Hifiman HE400i headphones – China

Audience cable and interconnects – U.S.

Integrated amp; Finale Audio,  Canada

Speakers; Living Voice,  UK

Tone arm; Jelco, Japan

Cart; VDH; Netherlands

Phono stages x2;  custom,  Canada, second IFI iphono 2 designed UK Assembly China.

multi disc player; Sony  Japan? maybe China or SK?


cables are mix;  Siltec  USA and Audionote  UK.

Tuner Sansui;   Japan

Streamer Auralic Mini- China
Audio Note DAC- England
Deja Vu Preamp and Amp- USA (Virginia)
JMlabs Mini Utopias- France
Speakers: Joseph Audio Pearl 3--New York USA
Amplifier: Sansui BA-F1 (Many Moons Audio Upgrades)--Japan (USA)
Preamplifier: Sansui CA-F1 (Many Moons Audio Upgrades)--Japan (USA)
Cables: WyWires--USA, Antipodes--New Zealand, Zenwave Audio--Colorado USA
DAC: Totaldac D1 Twelve and Totaldac D1 Server--France
Turntable: VPI Scout--New York USA
Room Treatments: DIY, Acoustimac, and GIK--USA
Power delivery: All Furutech products--Japan

Everything good ol US of A, except my table(England-Nottingham), speaker cable(?-Supra), and outlet Furutech(Japan)
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Big system:

Amps/preamp (BAT) --  USA

Speakers (Audio Physic) -- Germany

DAC/Streamer (Ayre) -- USA

Music Server (Small Green Computer) -- USA

Music Server (Squeezebox) -- USA

Music Player (Roon) -- USA

SACD player (Marantz) -- Japan

TT (Linn LP12/Keel/Lingo/Linto/Ekos2/Akiva) -- Great Britain

Power conditioners (Ensemble) -- Switzerland

Power conditioner (Richard Gray) -- USA

Cables (Ansuz) -- Denmark

Cables (Ensemble) -- Switzerland

Cables (Cardas) -- USA

Equipment Stand (Sistrum) -- USA

TT Platform (Mapleshade Audio) -- USA

Living Room System:

Integrated amp (Prima Luna) -- USA

Speakers (ProAc) -- Great Britain

Sub (REL) -- Great Britain

SACD player (NAD Masters Series) -- Canada

DAC/Streamer (Auralic) -- China

Cassette Deck (Nakamichi) -- Japan

Tuner (Myryad) -- Great Britain

Cables (Ensemble) -- Switzerland

Cables (Cardas) -- USA

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Tape - Nakamichi, Japan.
Turntable/Tonearm - Nottingham, England.
Cartridge - Goldring, England.
CD player - CEC, Japan.
Phono stage - Acoustech, US.
Integrated amp - Redgum, Australia.
Speakers - Michael Green Audio, US.
Cables - Purist Audio Design, US.
Power cords - Purist Audio, Custom Power Cord Company, US.
Power conditioning - PS Audio Premier, US.
Tuning, resonance control - Boston Audio, Audiopoints, Polycrystal, Walker Audio, US.
Dream system:

Tape - Studer, Switzerland.
Table/arm/cartridge - not sure.
Electronics - Ypsilon, Gryphon or LAMM - Greece, Denmark, US respectively.
Speakers - Michael Green Audio custom or Lansche - US, Germany respectively.
Cables, power cords - Purist Audio, Echole, Stage III, HB cable design - US, Turkey, US, Germany respectively.
Digital - whatever is listenable.
Primary System

Main speakers:  Rogers, England
Center speaker:  B&W, England & China
Rear speakers:  Advent, US & China
Speaker cable:  12 gauge, unknown
Cable spades:  AudioQuest, unknown
Cartridge 1:  Dynavector, Japan
Tonearm:  Graham, US
Turntable 1:  Sota, US
Phono IC:  Cardas, US
Cartridge 2:  Ortofon, Denmark
Turntable 2:  Pioneer, Japan
Tape deck:  Tandberg, Norway
Tape IC:  Vampire Wire, US
Disc:  McIntosh, US & Japan
Disc audio IC:  Audio Classics, US & unknown
Disc video IC:  unknown FO, China & unknown HDMI, China
Preamp:  McIntosh, US
Pre/Pro:  McIntosh, US
Pre & Pre/Pro HT Bypass IC:  AudioQuest, unknown
Main amp:  McIntosh, US
Main amp IC:  unknown XLR, US
Center amp: McIntosh, US
Center amp IC:  Monster, China
Rear amp:  Belles, US
Rear amp IC:  Monster, US

Camping System:

A/V Receiver:  Sony, Japan & China
Speakers:  Sharp, Japan & China
Disc:  Samsung, S. Korea & China

Bedroom System:

Receiver:  Sansui, Japan
Speakers:  Advent, US & China
Disc:  Sanyo, Japan & China

Speakers -Daedalus - USA
Subs- Rythmik F-12G -USA
Amp- Modwright KWA150SE -USA
Preamp - Modwright LS-100 - USA
DAC - Resonessence Labs -Canada
Server- Aurender N-100H -Korea
Transport - Cambridge CXC- UK
Cables- Wywires Blue - USA
Power Cords-Panga- USA
Conditioner - Furman 15i- USA
Rack- Timbernation - USA

Integrated-Marantz PM-15S2b-Japan
SACD player-Marantz SA-15S2b-Japan
Speakers-Clearwave Duet 6 monitors-USA
Speaker Cables-Zu Audio Event-USA
Interconnects-Darwin Cables-USA
Tuner-Marantz ST600-Japan designed-built in China
Power Cables-TWL American Series-USA
Blu-Ray player-OPPO- USA designed-built in China
Conditioner-Blue Circle Thingee-USA
Media Stand-Art to Life Productions-USA
Schumann Device-Clones Audio-China
TT - VPI Prime   USA
Cartridge - Ortofon 2M Black - Denmark
CD Player - Arcam FMJ CD33 - Great Britain
Preamp -  Bryston BP25 - Canada
Phono Preamp - Graham Slee Accession - Great Britain
Amp - Bryston 4B ST - Canada
Interconnects/Spkr Cable - Cardas Neutral Reference - USA
Speakers - Tekton Pendragon - USA
Power Conditioner - Powervar 12 - USA

I left out cables and accessories so:

Siltech- Holland
Auditorium 23- Germany
Cerious Technology- USA

Exact Power Conidtioner- USA

Gregitek Footers- Italy
Combak/Harmonix Footers- Japan

Amplification: France

CDP: Scotland

Turntable/phono preamp/power supply: Scotland

Cassette deck: Japan

Speakers: France

Cables:  USA

Turntable: Garrard 401 -UK
Tonearm: Jelco 750L - Japan
Cartridge: Decca Super Gold (modified) - UK
Preamp: - Croft 25R - UK
Speakers: Quad ESL (57) - UK
Power Amps: EICO HF35 (modified- rebuilt) New York, USA

Loudspeakers - France (Triangle Magellan Cello II)
Power amp - US (BAT VK-600SE)
DAC - Canada (exaSound e22)
Transport - US (Apple MacBook Pro/MacMini)
Galvanic USB isolator/reclocker - US (UpTone ISORegen)
Interconnect - US (AQ WBY XLR)
Loudspeaker cables - US (AQ Everest)
Power cable - US (AQ NRG-WEL & NRG-1000)
USB cable - US (AQ Diamond USB)
Power conditioner - UK (IsoTek Sigmas GII)
Footers - Italy (Omicron)
Preamp conrad - johnson Classic 2 SE designed and built in USA

Amps. Quicksilver Mid Monos designed and built in USA

Speakers Klipsch Heresy III designed and built in USA

DAC NAD M51 designed in Canada / GB made in China

Sub REL designed in England made in UK / China

Crossover / sub eq Velodyne sms 1 designed in USA made in China

Tuner Magnum Dynalab MD 102 designed and built in Canada

BluRay   OPPO  103d   designed and made in China