40th Anniversary Aqualung is KILLER

The 40th anniversary collectors edition, which includes a 180 gram LP and the new remixed album a bunch of extra tracks and everything in 24/96 HiRes on DVD and Bluray., plus the Quad mixes and 5.1... sound quality is amazing even the Redbook is very very impressive and it's the best version of Aqualung I've ever heard even bettering the superb DCC version.. Kudo's to Ian Anderson and Steve Wilson for the remix.. next up is Thick as a Brick...
Oooh, didn't know Stephen Wilson was involved; that makes me go from extremely skeptical to a no-brainer purchase right there.
I'm hopin to add this to my collection. I'll be checking for this on Amazon.
I just bought mine from Half.com . I hope the redbook is as good as you say it is.
I have the redbook double CD and the audio quality is superb - fantastic acoustic guitar sound
Just picked up the CD. Much better than prevous versions. But they were generally crappy sounding.
So this newly remixed CD sounds to me like an 8 on a 1-10 scale.

I really wanted to buy the Blu Ray but you have to shell out $140 bucks for a LP+ DVD + CD !!!

Come on, just let us buy the Blu Ray!
Has anyone purchased the set yet. I would like to know if the new 180 gram LP is better than the Classic Records 45 release.
Ozzy -- My thought, but not exactly. I'd really like to get the DVD-A from the set without buying the whole thing. If there is someone interested in getting the vinyl, maybe we could work something out. I think it's going for $118 on Amazon. PM me if interested.
The info I've been able to find online is a bit hazy about the DVD. It says the DVD has both stereo and 5.1 mixes -- so I assumed that means it must be a dvd-A (no video). Can anyone who has the set tells us about the DVD and blu-ray, and how they compare to the cds?
Yes, Steven Wilson involvement is a very good omen! That's one dude who really cares about the music he is involved with making.

I stumbled across his new and highly praised Grace For Drowning CD at the library the other day and my eyes lit up. Haven't had a chance to listen yet.
i just order the double cd agualung.and the Steve Wilson,Grace for drowning.
i want to thank you guys for turning me on to Porcupine Tree
The DVD has both CD's, Aqualung and Disc 2 (Additional recordings 1970 & 1971, great stuff BTW) in 24/96 it also has the Quad mix (4.1) in I beleive 24/96 and the 5.1 mix in 24/48 I used DVD Audio Extractor to rip the 24/96 stuff to my NAS for play back on my PS Audio PWD/Bridge

I believe the Bluray disc has the same stuff..but also in DTS Master at 24/96
And the LP looks nice but I have no way to play it.. oh and the book is really nice :-)
I'm waiting for the 50th anniversary release.

Rumor has it Ian Anderson's Hi-Res whiskers will be included in that special numbered edition.
Any version of "Aqualung" works for me. Unfortunately, I'll
probably add this version to the dozen versions/formats I already have. The music industry really has us figured out.
Hevac1: I though about it but it is a "set" I don't think I'd want to break it up.. I'd be really surprised if EMI didn't release just the Vinyl, they'd be nuts not to.
Well thanks anyway Erikminer.
I will probably purchase it any how.
This will make 11 differant vinyl releases I will now own.
But it will be only the third digital copy.
If anyone wants to sell the LP seperatly before I purchase the set thats ok too.
I'm confused at the variation in pricing I seem to find on this set. Elusive Disc and Acoustic Sounds both list it at $179. Amazon has the price at $112.13. This is the same thing right? (Hardback book, LP, 2 CDs, DVD, and a Blu-ray). Why such a big difference in price?
I received my redbook double cd today and I'm very impressed. Steve and Ian nailed it.
from a vinyl standpoint, nothing beats Classic Record's release on Clarity vinyl at 45 rpm. This is my opinon of course. YMMV
The three large internet sellers of vinyl only sell items for list price or more. If the item is not selling and they have too many of them then they discount. Or better yet they wait for it to go out of print then sell it for 5 times the list price.
If you have local record stores or want to deal with amozon and thier awfull shipping practices then you can get vinyl for a decent price.
I have always had phenomenal luck with Amazon's shipping. I buy lots of stuff through them and everything has shown up well packaged and in tip-top shape. I have probably 10 LPs on the way from them right now.
received my 2 cd yesterday,will play this weekend.really looking forward to play Steve Wilson`s(Grace for Drowning)
All I can say about the CD is if this is the best they can do, then the original was crap indeed. What a pity as this could be one of my favorites. And u can't blame the sound on age the Beatles and many other bands even recorded earlier can sound great even today. Just another case of the producer didn't know how to or couldn't care less about what it sounded like. I would bet that the lp, Bluray, DVD, etc. all sound about the same. I used to own the original lp, but I think it got trashed long ago to bad as I'd like to hear what it sounded like. I guess I may be a little harsh but I'm comparing this version to a recently remastered CD, and yes the new one is better, but not by much. Oh well, another $20.00 down the hole. . .
Should have known better!
There's only so much you can do with a tape. I thought it was great for what they had to work with.
The imaging and separation is what impressed me the most.
It's enjoyable to listen too.
On second listen it is better than I thought. Aqualung itself is the worst sounding cut. The others seem better. To me it still sounds compressed not as much impact in the low end as there should be on the drums and electric stuff. The acoustic stuff does sound good though. I'd give them an A for effort and a B- for sonics. Anybody compare the hi res versions to Redbook? I would bet it will sound a little cleaner and extended but not much.
Sounds like we are getting mixed opinions on this album.
It is one of my favorite albums. I have the original LP, mint condition which I think sounds better than the MO-FI one that came out years ago.
I guess I will have to get the CD to hear for myself.
It is a GREAT song. Makes you want to jump up and start to dance or play your air guitar.
Joe Nies
I have several copies on vinyl. The Chysalis copies have never been that impressive. I find the Classic Records 33 1/3 version barely OK. I haven't heard the 45 version. I have two Reprise copies that are great and I would think very hard to beat. I haven't heard this latest version but at $103-$179 I probably never will. I'd recommend a good clean Reprise at $5 to anyone. I know that much.
I just want to know if it's overly compressed or not? I've heard both yes and no. Guess I'll buy it anyway.
I don't have a TT for the LP, but the Redbook is not compressed at all. That is one of the things I likes about the new remaster. It's very three dim. and open. Imaging is also very good.
I just received the 2 CD version. Although I think it's a sonic improvement over the original CD version, it's louder. I had to turn the volume down on the remaster to level match the two versions. For the sake of full disclosure, both are ripped lossless to iTunes.

The irony is, in the liner notes, Steve Wilson himself states specifically that he didn't raise the levels. So that part was a disappointment to me.

All said I feel the remaster (remix) is a step up in sonics and clarity plus an overall improvement.
No. Maybe coz its been 25 years since I listened to it but I think the reissue sounds fn great. There are so many things I've never heard before. Alot. I must be getting old. I would and will recommend this to all my old stoner buds.
After reading the postings here I had to see for myself. So, I went out and bought my own copy of the double CD (which includes the bonus tracks). I am amazed that an album I have heard hundreds of times could be transformed into something completely new. Well worth the $25 I spent! Don't think twice...you might miss it. Buy it, it's worth the money!!
Agreed, I've been listening to this since 1971 & it sounds
amazing to me. Some day I might spring for the Box set but I have a mint copy of the vinyl already so I'll wait for a better price, plus I'm not as big a fan (of Tull) as I used to be. I want to hear the Blu-Ray though.
I got the new Deluxe set. As great as the CD is the new vinyl just kills it. Everything is just so clear, the bass & the drums are at a perfect level. Ian's vocals also sound so clear. I have a pristine 1973 copy of the LP which has no bass, it still sounds ok but no comparison. The only part that sounded better is the Aqualung solo, it seemed a little harsh on the new LP, that part gets louder & it seems the level is a little too high. it might sound better on a better setup than mine though.

I paid $99.99 for it local at Newbury Comics which really isn't that bad considering what you get. I looked at a few places & old MFSL or DCC copies are $3-400 & I doubt they are better than this.

Blu-Ray vs Vinyl is up next