A plea for help from my Hales T-8's

Hello group - I am not an audiophile, just a fella who enjoys music and pride of ownership of quality equipment. Someone may or may not remember the handle from a year or more ago - I frequented Audiogon regularly and was able to assimilate the basic knowledge required to put togerher a system with which I intend to grow old. I spent more money than I had business doing, but knew that I would not be taking the upgrade path, and barring component failure, was just looking to assemble my final system. Considering my lack of knowledge and experience, I couldn't be happier, knowing full well that there are many more rungs to the ladder.
Still with me - thanks.

The unimaginable (to me) has occurred. Last nite while dusting I discovered both tweeters on the Hales T-8's have been damaged. One is severe, looking like crumpled tin foil. The other has a quarter-inch dent. Naturally, no one knows how this happened and they were at a loss to understand my infuriation (unfortunately, I am materialistic and the Hales were my one true pride and joy).

Unless something has changed, I do not believe these tweeters are replaceable with like kind, unless somebody has a set of T-8's that have endured some other type of tragedy w/ the tweeters still intact. Does anyone believe
(or better yet, has anyone ever done this) that these tweeters could be swapped out w/ some current offering, without totally compromising the design. I guess the logical first choice would be to contact Ty at Tylers, as I live within an easy commute of his location, to hear his thoughts and learn if he would be up to undertaking the repair.

I guess I'm just hoping that someone who has already experienced this will respond with their solution, but also would appreciate anyone's thoughts on this matter. Thank you very much if you're so inclined.


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Contact Magisound, from what I understand they have a lot of experience servicing and even upgrading Hales speakers.

I have the T-5's in Rosewood.
I have a pair of T-5s with a dented tweeter and they sound fine. I'd also agree with Dawgbyte, except I think he meant Madisound.com.
Dawgbyte and Hrcapers - gentlemen, thank you both for your responses - I appreciate your time. I intend to contact Madisound on Monday to learn if they have had some previous experience w/ this particular brand and model. Judging from their website, I'm feeling a little better for thinking they can help.

Hrcapers - do you know if the T-5 and the T-8 used the same tweeters. Judging from a couple pictures leads me to think they did (Vifa?) although I can find nothing similar in the current Vifa online catalog. I did muster the courage to fire up a favorite CD this aft, and must say I didn't readily hear a difference. Albeit, I suffer from high freq hearing loss and do not feel qualified to offer the final word. Also, may I ask if the exterior metal dome is responsible for correct dispersion, or is it some type of cover. If the former, then I can't imagine one of them functioning properly, as the complete left side of the sphere is totally smashed in and I may add, more in a crumpled fashion. The other has a simple dent - lord knows how both were damaged when they are 8 feet apart - I dare not speculate - nothing positive could come from it. Add to this the thoughts of lost "virginity" and I've not been a happy camper, losing their original condition.

Final note - I've found the thread started by Mitchb, and the Seas Millenium looks to be a contender - hmm? Who knows where this will end :~)

Again, thanks...
Hcrapers, if they sound find with that dented tweeter, can you imagine how nice they will sound with a perfect one? Dents in tweeters are not a good thing....
I have a very slight dent in one of my tweeters and can NOT hear any difference, degradation or anything that would lead me to believe they aren't performing normally. Would I prefer they didn't have a slight dent? Yes... am I breaking out in a rash about it? No!

For what I paid for them and what I compared them to (Tannoy, Martin Logan, Revel, Paradigm, B&W, Vandersteen, Linn and others)... I think I came out on top, as the Hales seemed to incorporate the things I appreciated the most. The only speaker that significantly out performed them was the Vandersteen 5's.

One of these days ('05) I'm going to upgrade my speakers and when I do they will have a long shadow to overcome, because these Hales have done everything I've asked them to do and more.
You can try using packing tape(the clear type and sticking the tape right on your tweeter dome and then gently lift the tape and that usually works. If it does not work you can replace just the voice coil domes with new ones from Madisound assuming they still have some in stock.They may have some Hales coive coils left. You can keep the tweeters if you want as the metal domes are very easily replacable. The hard part of the work is actually getting the tweeters out of the speaker box. Be careful not to let the tweeter fall and hit your midrange driver. The tweeters in the T5's are the same as the T8's.You would have difficulty finduing those tweeters but you don't have to. The voice coil domes are probably still available from Madisound. If I remember right they are like $20 or so each.
Good luck.
Hi Mitchb - hope all is well with ya. Just to reiterate a couple of your points. The tape method is quite effective on a simple dent. I gently adhered the tape to the dent using the eraser end of a pencil, grabbed both ends of the section of tape, and gave a quick snap: voila! dent gone (just a telltale "ridge" remained, but very minor). I talked to Madisound this past week (other consideratios have delayed the repair of my speakers) and they do indeed still perform the voice coil replacement for $22 each. When I questioned them about the Seas swap, they mentioned the 6 vs. 4 ohm impedance difference between the Seas and Vifa OEM, and believed the crossover point would need to be redesigned. You, apparently, didn't find this to be an issue, so I will be listening to the Hales this coming week w/ the Seas temporarily wired in. We will then permanently modify (rout) the baffle if indeed this is how I choose to proceed. I'm looking forward to hearing the Seas. I was very pleased to receive your schematic, but failed to initially realize that the crossovers are, of course, different for the T5 and T8. But it became evident that my "list" of components quickly exceeded the budget, so that phase will be addressed down the road. Thanks again for all the help, Mitch ...