AC / DC - What are you using? Dissapointed by ....

When I got my system up they way I wanted it to be, many told me to try all sorts of conditioners, filters, regenerators and so on......some made a significant difference on they way my system sounded. In fact my Ayre preamp sounded different and so did my Wilsons and I did not like that! Tried about 18 different pieces some costing me up to 2k and returned all of them.
Ended up keeping one of them that actually did not do anything other that to just crystallize what I already had by keeping the sonic signature and trades of my sound system. I went with Richard Gray’s 1200. What are you guys using?

PS Audio P1200 for my KSA300S amp and P600 for all source. I will not listen without them anymore, icing on the cake IMHO.
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None.Most cure one problem at the expense of something else.I feel a properly designed and executed powercord can and does make an improvement over the "stock" Belden.Same probably goes for cabling.
I also use the Alan Maher Designs Reference Power Center V2 along with a number of his Power Enhancers. They replaced a Running Springs Haley which I also hold in high regard.

Having tried power regenerators like PS Audio and Exact Power, as well as isolation transformers, I can say passive filtering suits me more.
How clean is your power? Have you ever looked at your power on an oscilloscope?

When I was in the city, my power was crap, and a power conditioner made a huge positive difference. Now that I live in the shrubs, my power is pretty clean and reliable (other than the occasional blackout when a tree takes down a wire). I'm happiest with only passive conditioning on the source components these days.

Scoping the power also helped me find where I was getting appliance noise on the powerline, and led to installation of a dedicated line, which helps immensely.

Occasionally I dream about getting off the grid entirely, with a Sutherland phono stage, Dodd preamp, and Red Wine Audio amp -- all battery operated! Anyone doing this?
Can you describe how to scope the AC? I bought a used oscilloscope last year (I should get an award for being able to spell it)for adjusting the gains and testing clipping in my car system. I would love to test the AC.

If needed you could send it to my email.
All I can say is the original PS Audio power plants gave my system that late night listening sense of ease any time I listened. It was night and day (no pun intended) and a regenerator of A/C is the only way to go vs. cleaning up "dirty" A/C power. After owning Tice and others in the past, it was better to use nothing than them. Even though Krell states not to use anything on their amps, I am sorry but the P1200 doesn't restrict anything from my 300S and definitely sounds less solid state and more like tubes to my ears. I never used any footers under mine either until I read on the PS site and that was another noticeable improvement to the Power Plant. I have been using them for 8 years now and will not listen without them.
I got my Audience Adept Response and like it. The top end of my system is smoother and I notice more detail. The bass may be a bit tighter. Most reviewers say that the tonal balance does not change much but some say the Adept Response may give you a lighter sound, I had the opposite effect where there seems to be less energy in the high end and the sound may be a touch warmer. The main difference is I notice the music more.

Thumbs up!

BTW FWIW read the recent rave reviews on this model in TAS Stereophile and a few other publications. Most say it is the best out there...
Tvad has a sensible view on this subject.

However to realize the full measure with some of these devices, which ever unit you choose, it's best to use the same brand of ac cords through out.

Including, if at all possible, interconnects ,speaker wire and phono cable.

And no it's not industry sales propaganda.

Roy Gregory of Hi-Fi Plus magazine been harping on this subject for years.
I took him up on his advice a few years back and built an entire cable scheme around the Nordost Thor, not including the amplifiers.

If your system is totally on the grid, take sometime and borrow all you can to try.
All you have to do is listen.

On a different note....

Dfhaleycko above, dreams of using a battery powered component in his system, amplifier, preamplifier and or phono stage.

I including others that use battery operated preamplifier's and phono stages would never return to ac driven again, especially with these two components

However ,not all are created equal, do your home work.