Recommended female vocalists?

Looking for female vocalists w/ ultra soothing voices - something that could relax me at the end of a hard day.

To give a bit of reference my favorites are:

Sarah McLaughlin - Surfacing: I Love You, Do What You Have To Do, Angel, Full of Grace. Fumbling Towards Ecstacy: Wait, Good Enough, Elsewhere, Ice, Hold On, Ice Cream, Fear.


Tori Amos
Entire Little Earthquakes album. Some of her other music tends to get on my nerves a bit, though.

I'm sure I'm missing out on a ton of artists. Who else do I need to check out? If it's not too much trouble please give specific albums and songs.

Thanks in advance.

Hello, here's my $0.02 -
Beth Orton. 2 albums (Trailer Park and Central Reservation). Numerous singles,etc. Her collaborations with Terry Callier (Best Bit, EP).
I also enjoy Bjork, Portishead, Juliana Hatfield and PJ Harvey.

Patricia Barber. Jennifer Warnes. Lorenna McKennet (sp?). Jewel. Natalie Merchant (solo and with 10k maniacs). Tracy Chapman.

A few of my Fave's.

Emmylou Harris (Wrecking Ball), Tracy Chapman, Sade, Shelby Lynne, Cowboy Junkies (Margo Timmins), Cocteau Twins, Mazzy Star, maybe even Joni Mitchell or Rickie Lee Jones... good luck!
diana krall, enya, sissel,lisa gerrard is awsome; gladiator sound track.joni mitchell live.natalie merchant, sara brightman.
1. Patricia Barber; Companion, Cafe Blue, or Premonition
2. Eva Cassidy; Live at Blues Alley
3. Christy Baron; Steppin'
4. Janis Ian; Breaking Silence
5. Sara K.; No Cover
6. Dave's True Story; Sex without Bodies
7. Jennifer Warnes; Famous Blue Raincoat
8. Amanda McBroom; Growing up in Hollywood Town
9. Rebecca Pidgeon; the Raven
10. Jacintha; Autumn Leaves (OUTSTANDING!!)
11. Nancy Bryan; Neon Angel
12. Lori Lieberman; Home of Whispers

These are not really in any particular order. Most are jazz vocalists, most are also audiophile recordings to some degree or another (Chesky, Pope, Sheffield, Premonition).
Liz Phair, Lisa Loeb - Firecracker (great 3d+ recording but mostly binkie music, alas), Basia, Billie Holiday
A few faves:
Patricia Barber
Margo Timmins
Diana Krall
Cassandra Wilson
Jane Monheit
Joni Mitchell
These are just off the top of my head and in no particular order.
My additions to a lot of good folks already mentioned:

Rebecca Gates, 'Ruby Series' more of an extended EP (7 songs) but well worth it
The Innocence Mission, 'glow'
Everything But the Girl, 'Walking Wounded,' electronic, but Tracey Thorn's voice is amazing

And though this isn't all female vocals, the soundtrack to the movie, 'First Love, Last Rites' has great collaborations between Shudder to Think and Liz Phair, Nina Persson (Cardigans), and Angela McCluskey (Wild Colonials).
You might not know these femail vocals, but for what I've seen listed the ones I will list to you are THE BEST:

Mireille Mathieu -- Une Histoire D'Amour hard to find on CD but vinyls are often on ebay and have excellent recording. Genre is Chanson.

Patricia Kaas -- Scene De Vie and/or Mademoiselle Chante Blues. Genre is classic jazz, blues.
available on CDs.

Juliette Greco -- Any album will be very hard to find since she was popular in the mid 50's to the end 60's. There are some phillips german or UK pressing on vinyl with excellent recording. I'm not sure if she ever was printed on CD.

3 different and extra-ordinary French singers which can capture your heart even if you do not understand French.

I've started to learn French since I am so devoted.

(By the way the same way I've started to learn English since Eric Clapton was my favorite bluesmanm -- one of the vast reasons!)
Natalie Cole -- the duet cd with Nat

Sinead O'Connor -- Universal Mother (not all relaxing, but try her version of "all apologies"

Bebe Gilberto -- only one album, all sensuous Portuguese (She is Astrud and Gil's daughter)

Poe -- same as Sinead

Maria Muldaur

Alison Krause

India (not India Arie, although she's ok) -- this woman recorded with the "Masters at Work" at lot on "Strictly Rhythym records. This is the stuff to buy, not her solo album which is, to me, a disappointment
Diana Krall is at or near the top of my list. I just recently discovered Jacintha, and boy is she romantic! Wow! I also love Sarah Vaughn. Astrud Gilberto may not have a great voice but her early recordings of Antonio Carlos Jobim's songs are some of my faves.

I own CDs by Jane Monheit, Kitty Margolis, Kendra Shank, Stacey Kent, Patricia Barber, Sunny Sumter, Monica Worth and Datevik. With the exception of maybe Sunny Sumter, none of these women convince or move me emotionally the way Diana Krall and Jacintha do.
Eva Cassidy live at the Blues Alley . Listen to track no.8
Fields of Gold (sting) is goosebump city
I agree with many of the above, and would add Mar'ie Brennan. This is Neo-Celtic music, and the ballads are especially beautiful and soothing. I would recommend any of her CDs. Mai're Brennan is also lead singer for the group Clannad.

I'm also a long time Cowboy Junkies fan and can strongly recommend "The Trinity Session", "The Caution Horses", and "Studio Sessions"-- all CDs.

Another personal favorite is Emmylou Harris' "A Cowgirls Prayer" CD. Cheers, Craig.
Try Roseanne Cash, "10 Song Demo". This was her first CD with Capitol after a number of great records for Columbia.
The sound on Capitol is so good that you may think you are there...............Frank
I can not believe no one mentioned Julia Fordham. She is awesome and her CD's sound great!
I would add to an already great list:

Mary Black - Looking Back
Kathy Mattea - The Innocent Years
Basia - Time & Tide
Cassandra Wilson - New Moon Daughter
Dee Dee Bridgewater - Love at Yoshi's
Anita Baker- Rhythm of Love
Roberta Flack's greatest hits.

Mary Black's "Columbus" has to be one of my alltime favorites.. the whole CD is phenomenal.
Everything by Jennifer Warnes - especially The Hunter. Be careful you will want to marry her.
Hifler, A truly great mention by you is Mary Black. And you are so right "Columbus" is remarkable. A timelss work if there ever was one. Very good sound as well, just shy of great.
Like the Orton and Eva Cassidy choices.I have over 1K jaz vocal discs and could rant about gals klike the Kenton songbirds (Anita O'day,June Christy,Chris Connor) and the usual suspects but let me say up front I like a traditonal Great American Songbook repetoire.For this reason I am not big on some of the more popular singers like Cassandra Wilson.Neena Freelon and Diane Reeves have nice voices but tend to to go to much in the 80's M-Base funk/soul/po interpetations.Diana Krall and thta new (lkitterally) kid Jane Monheit are a bit to polished but if you like them or a Cabaret style try Ann Hampton Calloway "Easy Living".But I like turning folks on to people they might not know like Carla Cook who got nod for a jazz emmy last yearon the good vocalist labe of new commers "Max Jazz".Sunny Sumpter on Mappleshade "Sunny" is small and intitmate.These Mappleshades are the best recorded CD's in the buisness.Get the Sax player Clifford Jorda's "Live At Ethell's"and see how good your stereo can sound.Latly the new CD by Stacy Kent "Dreamland" is fantastic.Email me for any jazz tips.
Kevin, PIA's is really soooothing. This record is outstanding and her voice is unbelievable. She's got a new record called Magical Eclipse which you can order from cduniverse or cdnow. I haven't heard it yet but from my experience with benediction moon no doubt it must be good.
Roxanne Morganstern on those electric skychuch albums & Dora Ohrenstein with philip glass in the early 80's.
Jennifer Warnes, Patricia Barber, Diane Krall, Norah Jones, Patricia Monheit, Shirley Horn (not all), Blossum Dearie (if you can find it),and Jacintha (buy any you can). There are others but it is a hit and miss situation. Outside of Jazz, Crystal Gayle (best of), Joan Baez (best of...ignore the political stuff), and Cowboy Junkies (depending on your definition of soothing...maybe you should listen first). There now...that should break you.
HEAVENLY VOICES a collection of the finest female vocals in ethereal, darkwave and gothic (CLEOPATRA CLP 0198-2). DARK TREASURES a gothic tribute to the Cocteau Twins (CLEOPACTRA CLP 0925-2). SEIREENIA another compilation (PROJEKT 94). Others include Switchblade Symphony, Lycia, Mira.
You might want to add Laura Nyro to the list (live 2-cd set - very well recorded).
The xrcd version of Ella and Joe Pass, titled "Take Love Easy" is a must. You might also want to try some Tuck and Patti discs (Tuck Andress and Patti Cathcart), another great vocal/guitar duo. You might have to skip some of the more upbeat cuts, but songs like "Lets Bring Heaven Down Here" are incredible.
You might try "Send in the Clowns" Sarah Vaughn with The Count Basie Orchestra. A mature Vaughn that still exibits her incredible range with a performance that will just melt your heart, especially the title song, highly recommended.