Acoustic Signature customer service

So, I was kicking back on a Sunday and thought I would send out a service email to them a about a bearing pad. Five minutes later Gunther responds and continues a two hour email conversation giving me several options.

Frankly, I was shocked and delighted by his quick and courteous response. It looks like he'll have me taken care of quickly. And, all this attention and it is for an older Thorens TD 850 he made for Thorens years ago. Now that is service!

Raymonda, I've been waiting for Gunther to send me a belt for my turntable since Jan. 2013. I send him the email chain about every 6 months or so, just to remind him what kind of person he is, with the PayPal receipt. Never a response. 

I let the date for doing something about it slide by so I will accept blame also. 

Be careful when you send him money.  

While waiting for Gunther to supply me with what I need, I decided to try my own fix.  I removed the thrust pad, which had an obvious dimple from wear, I assumed, and carefully sanded it down until the dimple was gone.

After re-installing it I measured the speed consistency and guess what? It appears to have worked. gone is the slight speed fluctuations and now it is as stable as any belt drive I've used.

Lets see how long this last. I checked the bearing and I did not notice any wear, so hopefully my worked solve my dilemma. After an hour of spinning it still reads stable and steady.
A late night listen session went on for a few more hours and the speed remained steady. 

I checked again gain this morning while listening for 45 minutes or so everything is spot on and tight.

Hopefully long term holds up and or Gunther sends me out a few more thrust pads for well into the future.
Well, it has been over 10 days and I haven't heard back from Gunther. I hope my praise wasn't premature. Fortunately I found a solution that works perfectly and didn't cost me a penny. Speed is now rock solid and very stable.

I will report back when I hear back from Gunther in order to update folks with their customer service.
hi raymonda interested in your td 850 which i have with an audio note tonearm3  how much improvement did the origin live motor make accepting that this is totally subjective

If your stock motor is working I would not consider changing it. Mine had an intermittent issue that I could not track down. Getting parts from Acoustic Signature is nearly impossible. If it needs to be replaced then I think you would be happy with the Origin Live system. It is quiet, easy to install, adjustable and stable.

i still haven't heard back from Gunther in regards to my thrust pad. I'm glad I did the repair, as it solved my problem. I'll shoot him another email and see if I can get e response.
i also had a speed problem with the motor PSU set for 220/230V my power supply(Australia) 240V and i measured it as peaking at 254V was cooking the unit a voltage regulator sorted the problem

My TD 850, modded out is my go to deck. I have had and modded a number of decks and this this one still stands as my favorite. If it is a motor problem, go with Origin Live, you won't be disappointed. Also, the simple fix I did with the thrust pad will keep you going for a good long time. I also went with adding bearing oil to the well, just two drops, and the speed is rock solid steady. 

I made carbon fiber boards for the tonearm and motor, which works wonderfully.
This is why people should support the leaders in the field that support them back.
I had to go through Fidelis AV to resolve an issue with my AS table, and I was only able to reach them by phone. Resolution required three reminders to them and a total of six weeks. Neither Gunther or Fidelis respond to emails IME.

My local dealer has been trying to get a belt for a TD850 for months. I dread the day I need a new belt for my Wow.

BTW, if your table's thrust plate is made of their Tridorfolon material, it was purposely designed to develop a dimple over time. 
Maybe it was designed to develop one but by eliminating it gave me rock steady speed. With it there it would go up and down slightly and I could hear it, especially on piano.