Adding a power trigger to an amp that doesn't have one

Hello Everyone, 

I might be buying an amplifier that has a remote but doesn't have a 12v trigger port. I need it to have one so that I can turn it on with a 12v from my AVR. 

Is there a device that on one end has a 12v(mono standard 12v plug) and on the other end an IR transmitter that can be programmed to the power button of the remote from the amp? 

I don't want to use a universal remote since none of them have the mouse/pointer ability to move like the LG magic remote (at least from what I could find). 



Leave it on.

- It will probably last many years longer.

- It won’t save much, if any, money off your power bill.

- If you’re worried about being "green", how much energy will it take to manufacture and ship a replacement amp because you burned up your old one several years earlier than it would have if you left it on?

For the unit I mentioned, you would leave the amplifier turned on and plugged into the DigiKey piece. As show in the description, there is a trigger located on the side of it that is activated by any small AC or DC voltage up to about 30V. You would connect your trigger out wire from your receiver to that port and when your receiver turns on, it would trigger power to turn on your amplifier. Your trigger out is probably 12vdc. 

Hey @ajones82,  sounds like you have the same problem that I had in this thread:

Check out my solution.  I use a combination of this emotive module with a IR controllable AC Socket.  Somehow I can't find the IR controlled AC Socket in eBay anymore, but I found this:

It seems to do the same thing.

In my case, it works perfectly.   Hope this works for you.


The problem is that almost all the amplifier with momentary Standby/On push button switch will only can put it into Standby if using AC mains switch, you still need to momentarily press the front panel button or use the remote to turn it on.

Yeah that’s the problem. None of those solutions mentioned work for me. A button has to be pressed on the amp in order to turn it on - period. No switched pdu will fix that. 

My question still stands. Anybody know of a device I’m talking about ?