2017 Honest Cabling that doesn’t promote bankruptcy

Looking for experiences and recs for current mid to upper mid level cabling solutions

I’m talking about ICs and Speaker cables that do not require plans for high jacking an armored car with a couple gallons of chloroform and a helicopter with a really big magnet?

Neither is it a matter of seeking out an ‘all system’ same brand and model loom, though it could be.

In Your opinion and or experience which signal cables (or mix of) have proven themselves recently to enable a revealing system to maintain or demonstrate its integrity, truth and musicality on its best level?

Or, in other words, With which current line of wires or ‘cables’ would you feel very confident using to connect your upscale stereo outfit in 2017?

New, or pre-owned?

… and why, please?
Thanks so very much. j
Jim I can strongly recommend to you this cables ,speaker cables CErious technology, ic Teo GC, Reveal High fidelity ic.and CT ic as well.They are unbelievably good and match each other...please read the thread on each cables....
I like to make my own with Connex pure silver cables and Eichman bullets.

For speakers, I like bare copper and wire world.

Wire world, especially their mid-range is dark but has fabulous imaging.


Hey Jim, I'm gonna chine in with my usual recommendation of Zu Event MK 1 speaker cables. They've been superseded by the Mk 2 but if you can find a used pair, it would be worth your while. I say this as since I've swapped out the spades for bananas on the amp end, things improved so much that it was like listening to a different set of speakers. This led to my sending them back to have the speaker ends swapped out the same way for almost the same amount of improvement.

I thought that due to the lousy connectors that my Marantz has (plastic shrouded 5-way binding posts designed in the 8th circle of hell) were to blame for the poor connection. But I had similar results with the speaker connectors as well and they are some top line Cardas speaker connectors. 

My long winded post is simply to make sure you use bananas instead of spades to fully realize the potential of the wire you chose. I was wrong on another post as to the metal makeup of the bananas and they are a combination of beryllium and copper for the outer layer and some sort of rhodium and copper inside. I don't know if they are proprietary to Zu or is they are off the shelf units that anyone can get. Zu told me that they are getting great feedback with them. Whatever your choice ends up being, please take this into consideration since not having the  best possible connection can hide the performance potential of a good cable.

All the best,
For speaker cable, Mapleshade's cables sound amazing. Neutral and transparent. Bare wire is always best, in my opinion.

For interconnects, Dueland Coherent Audio cables are very natural, transparent, and coherent.

ICs don't matter; use balanced runs, not SE

Speaker cables - just try one of the rental places until you find one that you like best

BEST: put monoblocks next to each speaker so the runs will be short

 Cables are system dependent. You need to find out which brands work well with your speakers and components. There is no single best cable.

I would encourage you to consider Clear Day interconnects and speaker cables.  All cables are made of soft annealed silver and made for you by the designer, Paul Laudati.  He would be happy to discuss your system and how his cable offerings may or may not suit your equipment needs and listening preferences.

PS  Paul offers a completely free trial period!
16 gauge Monster XP Navajo White

14 gauge Rohs compliant cable at local hardware store, approximately $0.60 per foot.

12 gauge Monoprice cable

All these examples are solid copper, not CCA.

Pick gauge size according to run length.

Use the money you saved to buy more music.
+1 @hifiman5 on the Clear Day cables. All my ICs and my loudspeaker cables are Clear Day. They are real "ear openers".

I am happy with some low price entry level ICs from Cardas believe it or not , they aren't that expensive.  Otherwise look  I  am using a Triode Wire PC.

Focal "makes" brands a speaker wire Zip cord style.  If you can get OCCC wire conductor from Vampire etc. or other wire manufacturers goods, that is the way to go.  Otherwise I am afraid its all just a matter of jacketing and marketing.

I recently replaced all my expensive speaker cables and interconnect wth Duelund DCA 12 GA (speaker cables) and 20 GA (interconnects) after reading on them on Jeff Day's blog jeffplace.me.
They are a Western Electric replica made his own way (no plasctics as dielectric and bathing in natural oils) but the same copper strands in thickness and number as WE.
You can buy them at Parts Connexion in the US and HiFi Collective in UK. 
For me they are a revelation and many other people like them a lot.
clarification to barbapapa above...The Parts Connexion is located in Ontario, Canada.

I am currently evaluating my first pair of Morrow ICs (MA3 with Eichmann copper RCAs), connecting my DAC and preamp.  The difference between this cable and my previous cable, Monster Reference, is simply jaw-dropping.  The cable is not yet fully broken in, but it is showing me all the things the Monster was doing wrong.  I hate to even type this (let the flaming begin!), but this single IC swap transformed my system for the better in almost every respect.  After discounts and sales, a 2 meter run of the MA3 with the Eichmann RCAs ran me just under $300 shipped, including an upcharge for 10 days of burn-in.  Morrow has a generous trade-up program and a 60 day return option.

I will just say this about cable skeptics.  I hear what I hear.  As far as I can guess, cable may not be able to improve a system, but sure can mess up a system (the Monster cable turned out to be the culprit for a few issues I assumed were in either the speakers or the electronics).  Finding cables that do the least harm to the signal without costing a fortune seems to be a reasonable goal.

Try audiosensibility.com in Toronto. OHNO copper witth Teflon insulation and star-quad wiring at reasonable prices. especially with the C$ exchange.
Would be helpful to know the rest of your equipment blindjim. A lot of it is trial and error, getting the synergy right. For not much money I can recommend Cullen Speaker cables and  also his XLR's. A friend of mine got some of his RCA's and said they were a big step up from his previous RCA's. Morrow are good value if you buy when heavily discounted. MS Audio Silver litz RCA's and Time Portal Solid Silver XLR's from Sunnytoto on E-Bay are very good. Aurealis in Australia also has some very good cables.

Good luck.
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I don't have a vast amount of experience but I am pretty satisfied with the overall tonal balance, frequency extension, and the soundstage. 

Stager Silver solid IC, terminated Xhadow rca's. 

Supra 3.4s speaker wire, terminated with Audioquest silver plated copper spades

NEOTECH-76111 Hook up wire for the supertweets. Also same Aq spades

all in all not expensive. The xhadow rca's were off another IC and the most $ part of my cabling. 

I really like the solid silver of the IC in combo with the stranded tinned copper Supra cable. Nice balance of detail with fullness and cool things happening with the soundstage as well. My system leans warm so the silver plated spades really helped with bringing that extra little snap into the sound. 

not real sure what all that means, but thanks anyhow.

OK. I’ll try looking for some links regarding it or them.

Bravo. Making your own contribution to the system is interesting.
wireworld. OK. Its been a decade since I’ve had these spkr cables in house. Perhaps newer versions are better. I wasn’t thrilled then and went with Synergistic Audio instead. Non active cables.

Zu Event?
Long winded?

Doubtful. I’m not in the ONLY 140 Characters or less camp. I think it breeds ignorance and miscommunication.

I often wonder about cabling for very high eff spkrs. Is it designed to High eff spkrs to ameliorate or enhance portions of the bandwidth? Is more capacitance included to smooth out the signal’s edges?

Metallurgy in terminations will influence the result.
OK. Zu is a definite maybe.

Oddly, some of the equip I’ve been looking at are not allowing for multiple connectors. Often merely spades. Amps usually. Come to think of it, likely these are all off shore amps.

Thank you.
got it. Been there done that. Back in the 60’s. back when wires had no one interested in improving the nature of cables, uh, I mean wires.
I’ve since moved on to cables that actually are better. Sure. Higher cost, but way better sounding.

Et al,

I really do get the idea on wires being just wires.

Experience on the other hand if I am to believe my ears at all or ever, say otherwise.

Taking just the Synergistic Audio active or non active cables exactly alike apart from the active network, actually do sound differently… the active network sounding far more detailed and tangible.

I’ve penned plenty of reviews on these pages of my experiences with cabling. Power cords, IMHO, often make for a more significant change to the sound.

Yeah, it is mostly all about termination, and dielectric, but wires face 4 items they must attend to or with, if they are to be competent and or credible positive additions to a system.
Resistance, inductance, capacitance, and in whole, impedance.

Resistance is not very often the ‘big deal’ in a cable. Capacitance however can well be a ‘big deal’ as it will soften or by too much round off the attack and smother details.

The electrical result of the cable or its impedance will remove or truncate at least, portions of the bandwidth. Rolling off top end, or presenting bottom ends as softer or less extensive.

Naturally, other factors work into such results as well. Not enough power, rooms, etc..

Even in digitalSPDIF , the length of it can become an aid or hinderence.

components as well. Have to be agreeable with upstream or downstream impedance matching from device to device and on to the speaker and amp relationship.

Too many times poorly mated devices whose impedances are not appropriate, allow for a lot of angst and poor remarks about the combinations, amp, speaker, source, preamp, etc., these items ought not to be receiving, were their impedances been matched properly.

And or the cables employed not been the weakest link. Bleaching out the harmonics and erasing the palpability of the instruments and voices can happen. Too brittle or too smooth a presentation is unacceptable as well.

I felt Cardas Neutral Ref as likely a ‘all around’ IC cable as one could find for several years. It worked evwerywhere XLR or SE.

Then I found thru many trials until one got well into the $1K area performance gains across the board often weren’t always possible. Past that point, several grand invested could make an already outstanding system, still more revealatory and enjoyable such as what a Nordost Valhalla PC and a Vermicelli thin SPDIF did in a system I was listening to at a friends home. Together they cost about $5 or $6K. sheesh.

Wires offered for $$2K and above are difficult for me to justify. Regardless. Even above a grand its just tuff to invest it on things which don’t appear to be, or should not be quite so critical to the end result.

I've had succcess with using various cables for this or for that application. I might go to an all the same solution next.

Everything does matter and that includes wires which remain the most contentious and mysterious objects in a sound system.

This hobby continues to amaze.

I've been on the cable merry-go-round for a very long time. To me one of the very best lines is Audioquest. You can determine easily what each model uses for conductor material, geometry and insulation materials, etc.  Basically the price goes up as the conductor quality goes up. Go to their website and open their Pricebook tab and then scroll to product categories and study a bit. There is no mystery as to what you're buying. IMO the all copper sweet spot is perhaps Yukon interconnects( $325 m)and Rocker 88 speaker cables($ 850 8' pr) . Both models are AQ's least expensive models utilizing their best copper. As you move up you get maybe better insulation materials and more conductor, etc , but the basic construction and geometry stay the same. Once you start up the silver models the cost increases significantly but the sonics are outstanding but still in the same family. Packaging and cable construction is all top notch,
The only problem with Audioquest is that they've been successful for a very long time thus making them 'conventional' to some audiophiles. I have to say in closing they are the best company I've used that is reasonable about reterm and unfailingly polite and professional. To me searching for a mysterious cable breakthrough is folly. AQ offers solid engineering with no voodoo. 
Finally it is very possible to buy higher end AQ cables at great pricing as long as the buyer is cautious about the seller. FWIW
Been through a few different types of speaker cables
Clear Day double Shotguns did it for me. Cannot see me trying anything else. Priced right and most satisfying to listen.
Re: a previous comment on here .... I find the Bass response perfectly balanced with the music
Good Luck

Clear day are very good cable, with the right matching , they will compete with good cables out there.Paul is a nice guy too...
BElden 5t00up.  I just plugged it back in my totem hawk a few hours ago.  Compared to the kimber 4pr they just replaced, they are incredible!  So much more transparent, better soundstage, it makes the speakers sound forward.  Now, for unknown reason, the 4pr works better on my other small 2-way... Go figure.... My amp must be liking better the extra copper with the totems (actally more than double the copper).
Use the shortest cables you can , especially Interconnects . Parts Connexion sells Duelund gold over occ copper single ended ( RCA ) cables . I can't recommend any unshielded cables except balanced . I'd recommend balanced on XLR's if you can . For that Anticables would be fine , not pricey . Their speaker cables are one of the biggest bargains in all of audio . Don't drive yourself nuts .

                                                                                                              Joe B
If it's affordability that you want, search Audiogon for Amadi. I gave this guy's top of the line cable a go and am truly amazed at what it does for the few dollars he charges. Musically it's wide open, detailed, and throws a huge sound stage up. It's tonally right on, and really "fast." A lot of cables smear really fast guitarists, like Jesse Cook, but this stuff stays right with it. No doubt there's better out there, but for this price ...
I really like the wire Oyaide uses in there Tunami cable. It provides a very nice sound stage (wide, deep, with air between instruments & vocalists) as well as smoothness with detail. I've recently replaced some power cords with it & am using it as speaker cable as well. For IC's I've found the AQ Yukon's to be smooth & well balanced. It should be noted that I run vacuum tubes throughout my system. At some point I'll try the Oyaide IC's as well to see if they better the Yukon's. 
It is always fun to speak with the designer of any brand so any subtlety of system matching can be worked out.

That said, there is a secret lowest priced flexible light weight IC choice  I have heard (over more than a decade} which still provides a thrilling musicality, and detail without listener fatigue. This is the Auricle Audio Design Encore! micro-mass - the original custom prototypes grace my best system to this present day.

For moderate cost, my preferred Reality Cables Original speaker cable can confidently be recommended as able to transmit "everything" including the heart and soul of the music (we vinyl fanatics actually speak this way). Reality Cables also has its own fabulous matching Original IC, delivering even more solidity and three dimensionality for a bit more cost than AAD
Both companies play well with tubes and solid state, and offer other options and prices depending on your own systems and preferences. .

I have tried many different cables, and to me and my ears, Signalcable is super affordable and they sound  better than any of my other much higher priced wires. 
Buy some good quality 12 gauge zip cord.  Strip 3/4" of the insulation and tin the bare wire with a good quality silver solder.  Form a "U" shape with the bare wire and put around the speaker and amplifier binding posts.  Bi-wiring is not necessary.  Then buy, borrow or rent the most expensive and highly recommended "high end" speaker cables you can get.  Invite friends over, audiophiles if you know some.  Blindfold them and do a blind comparison listening session listening to the same tracks for the same amount of time for each cable.  Have them take off their blindfolds and keep notes before putting them back on for the next track.  The results will surprise you.  I did this and the end result was about even with the zipcord winning by about 5%.  So, I recommend the zip cord.  It sounds just as good and is a whole lot cheaper.
Hi blindjim, I have recently discovered some boutique IC and power cables with colloidal metal coatings and teflon dialectic from Nanotec that have turned out to be a revelation in my system. Check out Jaguar Audio Design online for source. They also sell speaker cable but I have not tried that yet.

For speaker cables I am using an assortment of wires from Audioquest in my systems and am pretty happy with the Rocket line, so a shout out to the previous recommendation for the Rocket 88 further up the thread. But the Rocket 33 and 44 also sound good, even with the long runs (21’) of the 44 I am using, which is available in bulk and custom lengths from AudioAdvisor. The Rocket 44 provides very good tone, PRAT and soundstaging in my system for a relatively reasonable price.

Belden cable from Blue Jeans Cable for interconnects would be a smart choice. 

Belden cable is used in the pro area, and is made in US rather than China.

Put money saved into speakers and room treatment.
Silver on copper 18 ga solid core Teflon MIL SPEC Navy wire found on eBay works great, sounds fabulous. Perfect for all sorts of projects.
Start with some great ICs - like the Teo Audio GCs and Steve's terrific custom built ICs. For short runs, RCA ICs are perfect; balanced are fine but there is little to gain IMHO unless you have a really long run.

I'd be careful about close placement of the amps to the speakers - remember, even caps are micro-phonic and will *hear* the vibrations from those speakers. Especially true if you're using tubes.

Good luck - best approach is through trial and error. Every system is different and only you will know what works best. Let us know how you get on!
As usual everyone has different ideas, My point is that speaker jumpers make a big difference. I tried many and ended with solid silver. They were lost in moving and couldn't find the same ones so I ordered some from EBAY. Were not that good so I found a custom one from HK using VDH which I use for my ICs? Much better. As usual all ears differ. Just start with some solid copper ones by striping some electra cable. Good luck.
There are tons are very good cables under the 1K mark.  I have not found 4 figure cables that I could live with long term - my components are probably not worthy.  

Some great suggestions in the thread - for me, I prefer to switch cables in and out on occasion depending on my mood and also because I dig cables (and have a cable fascination - hate the word addiction!)  I have come to the conclusion that I would rather have a nice inventory of cables to play with rather than one or two really expensive ones.  However, your bank account may vary. 

@erik_squires said:  "I like to make my own with Connex pure silver cables and Eichman bullets."

Could you provide a source for the Connex silver wire (looks like Parts Connexion?) -- and your recipe?  I'd like to give these a try as I'm looking to experiment with silver.  Thanks!
I've tried almost every usual suspect in last 40+ years .
The best tone and timber and harmonics I have found comes from AudioArt IC-3S and SC-5S  with Shadow connectors .
With acoustic music if tone , timbre and harmonics are not right nothing else matters .
They image and soundstage well too , but I've never been in a concert hall that images so not a big deal with me .
Bulk Supra IC, speaker, and Power cables.  I enjoy making custom cables of the exact length I need which can improve sound and make for a very tidy installation. 
^^Well put Shubert, my thoughts exactly…Hey, what am I thinking now? LOL!

I have also tried more cables than I care to count although I did that once and could not believe it.  Tone and Timbre are the most important elements to musical reproduction in my system.  Imaging and soundstaging are more audiophile trickeration and an added bonus to the enjoyment.

I would join in the praise for Paul Laudati's Clear-Day silver cables; very reasonably priced, strong terminations, and Paul's a great guy and will build to order. For digital hook-ups and such things as long ethernet runs, Blue Jeans Cable is tough to beat. Plus, a lot of good common-sense info on their website in all matters cable.
Hi Jim,

I use this for interconnects:



Be warned, since they are not stranded they are pretty delicate.

Sorry, I meant KLE for the plugs:



If you not  aware already, try the  Cable Company.

Demo a handful of suggestions, and let your ears and wallet decide.

I've heard great results starting with power cables.


Clear Day speaker cables. Owner /designer/assembler, Paul Laudati is a very honorable man making high end cables at very affordable prices compared to the big boys. I swapped out Cardas Neutral Reference for the Clear Day. Clearer and more dynamic without the silver brightness. And, way less expensive. I use with VAC amplification.

Paul has 8' demo speaker cables sent out free of charge.  You must return them and then he'll make you a new pair to your specifications.  The new pair is sent with free shipping.

I've used Grover Huffman's latest and greatest cables as well. I found them less clear sounding and also lacked the dynamics.

Good luck in your search.
I agree with the Cerious Graphene Extreme (GE) recommendations for their build quality, sound quality and unprecedented value.  I have a full loom and in my system they're more extended (better high & lows) and three-dimensional than Synergistic Research's (SR) top of the line Atmosphere Level 4 cables. I'd start with the Cerious GE speaker cables to form your own opinion.
I own both Morrow and ANTICABLES products - both are highly recommended. Both companies offer try before buying audition periods and are responsive to their customers. If your system components would benefit from a more smooth sound - go with Morrow. On the other hand if a component would benefit from a more neutral sound - go with ANTICABLES. As well, I recommend giving the Reveal line of High Fidelity Cables an audition. The bottom-line is auditioning cables in your components is required so you can select what cables fine tune your system components to the sound you prefer.
Sorry I’m late getting back here.
FYI - Wires currently on hand:
Audio Art RCA 1.5M
Harmonic Tech magic link II RCA 1M
Micro Pearl 1.5M
Syn Res Sig 10 Active bi wire spkr cables 21ft.
Syn Res active (?) 15ft bi wire spkr wires.
Syn Res alpha non active 10ft spkr wires
Belkin Gold USB
100ft or so of some highly praised non descript bulk wire for center and surrounds in former main HT array.
Oyieda (?) BNC 1.3M
Gotham 1.5M AES from Links sound card Elrod Sig 3 PC 1.5M
2 Shunyata Taippan Tesla helix PC 1.5M
2 VooDoo GoldDragon
1 Voodoo ref 1M
Voodoo black dragon 1.5M
Nirvana PC 1.5M
Dynamic Research (?) Canadian power cable co. – very stiff and heavy for its size, clean and neutral sounding. Appox $100 - $125

Some are in this rig or that. Some are simply sitting around waiting for jobs.

The number of new or since ’09 models is staggering. So are their prices in most cases. Some no longer exist.

iIm leaning on lists from here and well redarded audiophile mags. None of the interesting wires I feel I’d want to interview exceed $2K. most are under $1K.

Crystal and Siltech seem very good candidates to begin with as does the newer AQ wires. Some others I’ve forgotten but are elsewhere in my notes.

Thanks a lot. Really.
AQ never did it for me when I was building my last arrangement. The press now says otherwise. They will have to be checked out very likely.


+ 2 for Clear day, huh? Hmmm.

Joe B
“Don't drive yourself nuts”
Its too late.


finding pearls in cabling is not terribly hard, just time consuming. Especially if you are as pedantic as myself….. at times.

Both companies play well with tubes and solid state, and offer other options and prices depending on your own systems and preferences. .

Tanks. OK. Right there is the foreboding issue giving me pause.
I’ve not fully decided on which way to go yet with some of the source paths or power amp. Speakers too are yet a large dark question mark.

Keeping my line stage pre the amp would need to accommodate SE inputs but adapters can work very well if only XLR ins are the only option.

I’ve got a very decent set of SA Sig 10 active spkr cables which I believe I’ll have SA cut down to shorter lengths from the current 21ft. as Bi wires, perhaps even reconfigure and re-terminate them… after landing on an amp & speaker combo..

These Sig 10s have proven themselves as neutral and quite complimentary cables regardless the amp or speakers.

no sense in paying for what you can not realize. Tanks.

Been there. Done that.
I have to disagree in some cases.

A - B anything is problematical apart from sources connected thru the same reamp or network, which can retrieve the exact same audio info, immediately. Cables like components are different once moved, de energized, then re-inserted and power up again.a primary issue is with sonic memory, then re-establishing the exact same operating temps, signal flow and quantifying the disparity (s) objectively.

Its no real wonder why one cable or some other being slipped in and out of a system can right off sound very similar.

Its also why every system I’ve ever owned or previewed, sounded better after working for 30 to 60 mins, instead of right after a 10 or 20 min no load warm up.

Its also why borrowing cables for very brief periods is nothing much beyond being like watching a two minute movie trailer or watching 30 seconds of scenes from next weeks TV episode..

Moving up the cable ladder takes a lot of familiarity with your own rig, and a very open mind.

thank you very much for the option.
I did retain some of my last system’s cables which have sat idle for so long even these will sound unfamiliar to me going forward.
So, my best response will be, we’ll see.

been there. Done them too. Not a good fit for what I had back then. Worked oK in my receiver based Bedroom HT sys.

you had me going until I saw the Navy thingy. Sorry. Its going to be a philosophical thing that prevents me from going down that road… but thanks very much for the heads up.

that was insightful. THX
I’m just trying to catch up not having been in the ‘loop’ for some time.
I’ve some experience with isoalation and good amp stands and so forth do go a long ways with every component.

Mine will be almost entirely isolated into another space from the speakers or listening area.

more or less, I’m fully on board with your idea.
The problem as I see it is having a known quantity at some point with wires. Even placing an IC into source to per, from pre to amp can alter things substantially.
But I’d thereafter not revert to a configuration which lessened the outcome. Regardless. I’d simply sell the wires I’m not digging in my rig, IF trickling them down into another system was a poor notion.
Trickle first, sell after, when possible.

I believe I have several of these cables already. Not bad at all. IMHO.

appreciate it greatly.

yep. Getting reacquainted with FAT wire is on the list of things to do. Tanks.

Cardass NR = brightness? It was never my experience and I at one time had NRs from source to amp as XLR in an all BAT power train.
Tanks for another plus to Clear Day.

that’s interesting. Did you have a full set of Syn res wires previously, front to back?
I did. I found it outstanding, though not the upmost in every aspect. Naturally, this was 7 or 8 years ago and before the insanity of the Galileo grounding blocks, needing an engineer to connect it all, and now their Atmosphere wires with interchangeable ‘mood rings’.
However, the ‘mood ring wires are of interest and have found a slot into definite possibilities as certain maybes..

One thought does pester me…. When one reads the reviews on ultra high end gear the idea comes to mind that folks who possess systems new housing could have been bought with instead, ought to be able to have what ever cabling they choose, why did they spend whatever on this one or that one, or all of one brand to connect their arrangements?

I know a few very wealthy people. Spending money is not ordinarily their ambition, saving money seems to be however.

Sure, some items therein might be on everlasting no time limit trials. Some could be sheerly ‘accomodations’ at no charge just to get the perennial press as a part of the ‘sidebar’.
But one has to consider this…
Very expensive systems reviewers use as baselines are not owned by dummies. Likely not foolish people at all.

So it begs the question, ‘if its all about the components and not the wires, why are not so and so, Blue Jean, or el cheapo wires the inter connects, and speaker cables rather than what is indeed present??’

If the answer is ‘its all about advertising!’ I’ve obviously gone deaf, dumb, and acceptably insane.
So many options, so little time.
Its interesting, regardless.


Yes, over the years I always had a full loom of matching SR cables & typically purchased their most costly model starting years ago with the Tesla Apex series, then Element CTS and most recently the Atmosphere Level 4 line. I also had a number of their accessories including the Tranquility Base XL, the Power Cell 10, the Transporter Ultra and the really worthless Speaker Cell.

On a few occasions I had to return their products for lack of sufficient QA testing. How do you not test a speaker cable to make sure there's no loose connection at the spade. 

Regardless of the QA issue, IMO most of their stuff seemed over-priced and not a good value for the delivered SQ in my system. Perhaps that's why they provide such an attractive trade-up program to keep SR users from switching brands as they continually introduce new technologies & tell us why it's so much better than last year's model they raved about.   
more or less, I’m fully on board with your idea.
The problem as I see it is having a known quantity at some point with wires. Even placing an IC into source to per, from pre to amp can alter things substantially.
But I’d thereafter not revert to a configuration which lessened the outcome. Regardless. I’d simply sell the wires I’m not digging in my rig, IF trickling them down into another system was a poor notion.
Trickle first, sell after, when possible.

you are correct about quantity of cables - I have plenty in back up but none that are ultra expensive. I do sell those if they are not in use.

I am currently using a loom of Kubala-Sosna Fascination, IC’s, SC and PC’s. They are a very solid match to my system which includes Thiel speakers. I have had them about 3 years and have craved to upgrade to the Emotion level. And there I go again - trying to get into 4 figure cables again. Since I retired recently they are just a little pricey for me and quite frankly, my system….and the Fascinations do a fine job. Don’t know if you have tried KS cables. Full bodied with nice tonal balance - in my system.

I seem to remember you had MIT’s for a while. I have owned and tried a ton of those...