Affordable tube amp match for Tannoy HPD's?

Recently, I put together a pair of custom made enclosures for my HPD 315's acquired on Ebay UK. They are an amazing pair of speakers, but I am yearning to hear what they might sound like with tube amplification. Any recommendations from seasoned Tannoy lovers?

Thanks for the help!
Regards, Dan
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Hey Dan,
Due to the HPD's support ribs, I'd recommend something beefier than a flea powered amp. What's your budget? I'm a big fan of the Manley Stingray.
Hi Mike,

Right now, there is no budget, just getting back to work after surgery 3 mo. ago, but the imagination does do its thing, so just kind of window shopping for now, trying to get good ideas. The HPD's aren't quite as sensitive as the Monitor Golds, at 89-91, from what I've found, so wimpy flea watts aren't in the picure. From what I've seen, the Stingrays are fairly affordable. Wish I could find a place that would loan me gear so I could try 'em before I buy 'em, but that's a real rarity these days. Thanks for checking in, Mike.

Best regards,
Your biggest bang for your buck will likely be a vintage refurbed EL34 based amp like the Dynaco . It is a good suggestion.
If you want the real tube-ey sweet nostolgic soud you'll find the EL 84 amps and variant EL 84 amps will give you that. The problem is that they are not, as a general rule, as powerful as the EL 34 or the 6L6 amps.
You will find the honestly refurbed frequently by a true phile themselves here. Ebay is rife with 'as is' 'as found' trash pickings.
I would add used QuickSilver amps to the check it out list.
I absolutely agree with using as much power as you can. That said I have never liked a digital switching amp even though they are supposedly 100 watts and higher. There are some really good ICE amps I'm told but have yet to hear one. Beyond which tubes are simply magic.
You may also want to listen to the Jolida JD102B. It will do an honest 18watts per side and sounds closer to a single ended amp than any other PP amp I own. Slightly on the warm side but it can be tuned by tube rolling (primarily the input and drivers as changing the outputs does not seem to have as great an effect on the sound and I have tried everything from EI's to the Soviet military 6P14P's that I currently use). Also the tube complement of 2-12AT7's, 1-12AX7 and 4- El84's are inexpensive and easy to find. Mine is 3 years old with no issues so far and the staff at Jolida was helpful in answering questions when I called. The best news is that they sell new for less than $600.00 USD new and approx $400.00 USD used.

Regards, Jerry