Agon changes

Until about a month or so ago I would receive a weekly e-mail that would have some select discussions from the previous week to check out. I no longer receive this, and do miss it. Has there been a change at Agon, and has this feature has been cancelled?
I got mine last Saturday morning, same day as always have received them.

Not sure what is happening unless you have accidentally opted out of receiving emails or notifications from Audiogon.
I am still getting my email info.  

Go to your Audiogon account and look for the tab that says notifications.   Select Edit and then select the updates you want to receive.  
After you log into Audiogon, select your name, scan down and look for edit account.  Hit tab and look the word notifications.   Make the required notification selections.   

Thanks folks. I have done as advised, and will wait to see if next weeks e-mail comes through. Fingers crossed... LOL

I get mine Thursday nights @ around 10:40 pm.  I'm in Los Angeles, CA.  Hmmm - I wonder if they mail at different times based on location? 
I get mine (use to) on Thursday's as well. I'm just outside of Toronto. Bye the way, I think all will be OK now. I checked my spam folder and there it was. Un blocked it and now I think all will be right in the universe again. At least in mine, anyway... Thanks again folks :)