All posts are listed in reverse chronology

What going on ?  Some threads have the posts all out of order, some are just reversed with the latest post first instead of last???
Time is a concept brought about by the illusion of consciousness, which is nothing more than an attachment to repetition.  Ignore it and be free.
I am posting this from the future and was aware of your "current" dilemma decades ago...

You will be better than fine (things will work out for you on a positive note).

Future DeKay


Your solution to CD/LP storage was brilliant, but I'll let you come up with the idea on your own as to not upset the time line.
Mr Decibel thread about whitecamaro asking money in private as an audio CONSULTANT is gone also ?...
I need to get back to the once a week, peek.
1 hour max, participation...

Why would I care if things were backwards, WOW tomorrow is two weeks of taking it easy, time for a good walk in the delta. Need a good couple months, of walkabout! Yup!!

If you are saying that there are threads with posts that are completely out of sequence, that's one thing, but the sort button at the top of each thread, including this one, lets you put earliest or latest first as an ordering sequence. Perhaps when A'Gon was "doing some IT work" the default settings on some threads changed. 
Techno Mrdecibel's post was removed by Agon Admin per WC request. I guess free speech is gone as well.