Another jitter filter issue

A recent thread discussed using anti-jitter devices between digital cable boxes or sateleite boxes and a receiver or DAC. Wouldn't that foul-up a dolby digital signal?
Generally speaking, as long as the connections between all of the digital units involved were of good quality, and the dejittering device being used is capable of actually PASSING a Dolby Digital signal, there SHOULD be a notable improvement in the reduction of jitter.

But, the integrity of the interconnection is of primary importance. Bad interconnection could INDUCE as much, if not MORE jitter to the signal, than the dejittering device is actually removing.
The Camelot Technology Dragon 5.1 and Dragon Pro mk III are the only jitter reducing devices that I know of (maybe there are others) that were designed to pass and de-jitter Dolby Digital and DTS signals as well as PCM signals. I use the Dragon 5.1 between a DSS receiver and preamp/processor.
This is what I expected, that just any ol' anti jitter device cannot be used if anything other than 44.1 stereo signals are involved.