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I picked a pair of Monoblocs at an auction and haven’t been able to find any information on them. They say Antique Sound USA on them. They’re marked as Model 108. Has 4 KT90’s as outputs. Any help that can be provided would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks. That really helps. Still looking for information and schematics for this model.

See what you mean (old schematic links are dead).

You could try asking @ DIYAudio and  AudioKarma in the event that someone saved them.



ASL was a very active brand from about 1995 to 2015. Divergent Technologies in Canada was the importer. I do not think you'll find schematics online - these are usually not shared. Try to contact Tosh at Divertech - he is the Copland importer for North America.

Nothing to add of assistance but felt like noting that this thread is why I first starting using this site. Good questions with smart useful answers. Information is really important in finding the gear and room that lets the music touch your soul.

Bill Baker from Response Audio knows a lot about ASL. I believe he is working with Raven now, but the Response website is still up. He use to do a lot of modding on ASL. 

ASL offered great sounding tube audio gear at extremely competitive prices. A number of times their gear won praise from Hi End audio magazines like The Absolute Sound and Stereophile. I still have my ASL MG Head DT headphone amplifier, purchased new in 2001 and a pair of ASL Wave 25 tube monoblocks, purchased new in 2006. IME, great gear for the money. I agree with those who posted about contacting Tash Goka, as he was the North American distributor for ASL until Joe Lau (president of ASL) left the North American market.

OK, I couldn't get anyone to give me any help on these amps. So lets see what forty years of medical electronics can do. Most of the tube were broken or had there stems broken off. So it each amp has three 6sn7's and had four KT90's.When I removed the bottom covers I was very pleasantly surprised.  This amp is laid out beautifully. Pushed the stems through and did a fine visual checkout. everything seemed to be in great shape.  I bought eight KT88's and installed those. 2 of the 6SN7's had stems broken off. I had two in stock because since I retired I sell tubes. Install a GE and a Zenith. 

After carrying them upstairs and getting a hernia I put them on one of the Karlsons just of testing. I had my fingers crossed that they would work. KT88's aren't cheap. Disconnected the Mc240 and ran inputs and outputs to the ASL's. These amps sound just great. I'm very happy with them considering They were purchased t an auction of $325.00. I think these will be keepers and sell the Mc240 and bank some cash.


I replied to your thread at Audio Asylum, but here it is again: 

I have a pair of ASL AQ-1008DT that look very similar to your Model 108. The amps I have sound very nice. Roger Modjeski worked on them just before he died and he was impressed with them. 

Here's a link to the circuit schematic:

Here's a link to the product manual:

Here's a picture of the amps in my virtual system:

I hope this helps. 


These are quite a bit more power than my 240. I'm in St. Louis and tend to listen to a lot more music in the winter. These will help me keep the room warm. 

Your systems really nice. Looks like you live in a HiFi shop.