Any hi rez radio stations?

Are there any radio stations the stream at CD quality, or better?



Radio Paradise streams at various qualities, up to FLAC. Sounds great at the highest quality.

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RP X 4 is listener supported. Naim X 2 is sponsored but a lot of streamers don’t get it   Commercial free.
Linn X 2 is 320 but it sounds good on most of my stuff.

Radio Paradise +1, for Radio Paradise. It offers commercial free listing for their RP Main Mix, RP Mellow Mix, RP Rock Mix and World/ERc. Mix streaming using the FLAC format. There is no charge for Radio Paradise but they appreciate your donations to help keep them going. Highly recommended.  

See below for their web site and the many options for listing.  

Radio Paradise


BTW - For both Spotify and Tidal (and I assume any other streaming service), you can create radio stations, you seed the station with some albums or tracks and then it’ll create a station for you based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning - with similar artists and tracks. And of course they already have pre built genre stations for classic rock, jazz etc.

Roon upsampling this mp3 stream from a Roc nuk feeding a vmv d2 sounds very, very good. No need for a high definition broadcast imo…