Any "musicians" in the bunch?

I was just wondering how many of us play a musical instrument and how often and what type of music and whatever else you want to share.

I USED to play piano, trumpet and some guitar, but it has not been in my life in many many years.
I am looking into peddle steel guitars. Any peddle steel fans out there?

Abysmillard, I used to live in a neighborhood in CA where "someone" played the most beautiful bagpipes on the weekend mornings. It was wonderful. Are you in the US or where the bagpipes are a little more traditional?
I still play a little guitar. Not very good anymore but it's fun and relaxing. I think Jack Benny used to joke he had to practice the violin an hour and a half a day to be BAD. It's no joke. I took a music minor in college and played classical (decades ago) and now I just fiddle on an acoustic every once in a while. My "guitar heros" now are John Hurt, Rev. Gary Davis, and Lightnin Hopkins. John never leaves the key of C , Lightnin never leaves the Key of E, but it makes no diff because they get such a groove going.

I remain,
I play drums. I still have the Ludwig Vistalites I bought new in 1975. Don't play a great deal anymore. Haven't played out in a few years. I mostly play at home with the headphones. My favorite artist to play is Led Zeppelin.

I also sing and fronted a blues band in the early 90's. Most of my singing now is done in church.

I would like to get more involved in playing music but time is scarce. My time dilemna has not been helped at all by a reoccurance of a vinyl addiction which I thought I had shaken some years back
I play the piano, but unfortunately it is in storage for the next year while our house is being built. I'm tempted to buy a small electric piano to tide me over. I had a friend that played the peddle steel--neat instrument if you are into bluegrass or dawg music. The Stones used it on Honky Tonk Woman and a few other songs I believe.
I play double reeds (bassoon, oboe, English horn, krummhorn). Played with second and third tier symphonies for several years, did some studio work in Nashville, and several zillion hours with amateur chamber groups. Can play piano just well enough to pick our harmonies or hymns.

I've made a living through music for 3 decades. Play and teach guitar, write, sing and produce.
I've made a living through music for 3 decades. Play and teach guitar, write, sing and produce.
Short bio: Soloist with NYC Chorus at six. First decade: first paying gig at 16. Played countless gigs, toured USA and England, recorded two albums for Mercury and CBGB records. Second decade: wrote and produced jingles and background music for TV shows. Third decade: Developed a unique teaching method and teach guitar privately full time. Fourth decade??? Contributed a song to the CD "Year One" to benefit the families of the WTC victims. Hope to reconnect as a singer/songwriter anywhere my work is appreciated.
Started playing drums when I was 7 years old and played professionaly through college. Some of my favorite drummers are Tony Williams, Jeff Porcaro, Vinnie Colaiuta, Steve DiStanislao, Billy Higgins and Elvin Jones to name a few....believe me I could go since there are so many burning players. Haven't played out in several years and don't even have a kit set up in my house since I am using the spare room for a dedicated listening room (DW kit in storage collecting dust) Can play a little piano and have recently taken up guitar (purchased a Vintage Guild Dreadnought)....but when I really get the urge to hit something I break out my African Senegal Djembe and get a quick fix. Yes, I do miss playing but also find great joy by exploring all different styles of music through a high resolution system right in my house...what a great luxury we all have.
Oh, I play guitar mostly acoustic,badly and a little bit of electric that's even worse and I have a keyboard I can't play.
Always been a frustrated musician and always will be.
Slide guitar-Bruce Kaphan.
thanks, Ben! I have never heard of him, but went to Amazon where you can sample some songs. Nice...
I've been a trumpet player since 12 yrs. old. I was the typical " band freak " or "band puke" as the other kids called us. I played in orchestra,marching band,stage band,everything.I even started up a local band ,playing for different gigs ( proms,parties,etc ) focussing on music at the time that had brass in it ( Tiajuana Brass,Blood,Sweat and Tears, Chicago,etc.)We were all young and sassy,thinking we could make it big,but we all went our separate ways.After high school,I was about to be drafted so I joined the Coast Guard and played as lead trumpeter for four years.After military,started college,put the trumpet away and have only played occasionally for special church musicals and events.Recently started playing again at the request of my wife. She plays piano and writes Christian music.A prominent Christian record producer recently auditioned a tape of some of her songs and liked what he heard, so he wants her to record a CD.She has asked me to play my trumpet ( expensive Bach Stradivarius ) on a few of the songs, so how could I refuse. I am now trying to break away from the stereo system for a few hours in the evenings to get my lips back in shape.Well,time to break away for a little practice...
I have absolutely no talent, except that, if there is any truth the the saying "it takes one to know one" I must have a remarkable talent to indentify a lack of talent.
I sing small chamber works and large choral classical. If you're in the Baltimore area, we are performing again with Dave Brubeck in March 2003. The last two times we performed with Dave it sold out months in advance, so subscribing is recommended for the best seats.

Decent guitar player & vacalist, half assed bassist and drummer, Some formal training . Did the high school party rock band thing to the bar band thing, to a little studio stuff. Have not played out in years. Acoustic & electric guitars and amps, full drum set (my son's) in the house but barely pick up anything nowadays although can't seem to make myself sell any of my guitar stuff.
I play clarinet and a little sax, and just got a killer bass clarinet for a gig this summer. I'm glad that I kept it going, as it has allowed me to play in Japan and Europe, and next summer my wife and I will get to play at St. Marks and St. Peters in Italy.

As to whether or not I'm a musician - that question I will defer to the audience!
I play off and on with bands that mainly do early "classic rock". Currently, I use several electric guitars and tubed amps suited for classic rock: custom shop '90 Fender Strat & Telecastor, '90 Gibson ES-335, '87 Rickenbacker 12-string amped through a '70's Fender Twin Reverb and late 80's stereo-60 Rivera; acoustics: (Taylor 810 and Martin HD28)guitars. The bands I've play with do covers with a lot of vocal harominies, i.e., CSN, Hollies, Beatles, Guess Who, etc.

My pet emphasis on presentation, which irritates sound guys and sometimes, band mates, is to limit miking amps, drums, and instruments through the PA system, so as to capture the unique vintage sounds AND locations of guitar/amp voicing and stage locations for the listening audience...most small to medium-sized clubs will accomodate this. A personal favorite location to hear great non-PA mixed live "guitar" bands is to visit any number of small bars on "Music Row" in Nashville to hear top-notch studio musicians ( a lot of these guys play for tips when their regular gig with national artists are "on vacation").

And yes Angela, I am a fan of steel guitar too...I just listened to Neal Young's "Harvest" and "Comes A Time" tonight!
I played guitar in rock n roll bands from '69 to '72 while in high school and college. Played Hendrix, Stones, Cream, Beatles, Santanna, Who, etc.,etc.
What a blast. It was great to be able to hear your favorite music, live (not by the original band of course), all the time. Plus you really get "into it" when your playing it.

At least I can still enjoy that stuff on a good sounding system.