Any Nashville enthusiasts?

Moved here in June 2021, any locals or Audio clubs in the area drop me a line. Wanting to meet some fellow audio/music lovers here.  


I live in Franklin, TN and love to meet up. Colin above is a great guy and a very skilled listener.   

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My gear is not set up yet. Would enjoy listening sessions. Anyone skilled at setting up turntables? 

"Ha! I am here in Franklin, TN for another year still!"


Awesome. I am about done with my room. Who wants to help me heave my Alexia's up a flight of stairs?


I also need to check out the Sternklang cables at Colin's. I've been very busy with the new house and remodeling this room for audio.

I also need to check out the Sternklang cables at Colin's.

Please consider yourself invited. 615_838_7178

Keep an eye out for a guy named Jim Hoke. He is a well known session guy, but he does sit in with all kinds of bands. The guy is a multi-instrumental genius- horn player (who sat in with a swing band at Robert’s Western World to play Ellington), recorded with Paul McCartney and an almost endless list of other big names. He’s local and a killer player (taught himself pedal steel). Guarantee that whoever he is playing with is gonna be good. And say hello for me. (He’s buds with the Straightjackets guys too- who always crack me up).



Welcome to Franklin! Colin is a great resource and you will have fun visiting him.  I have Hijiri speaker cables and love this cable line.  

My back issues prevent me from helping to haul your speakers 😬.  Most sorry. 
Love to meet at some point in the future. 


A little late to the party, however, I am in the Franklin area and appreciate good jazz from all periods.


Yessss. I’m in Franklin as well! Seems like many folks are here. Very engaging people here… like a good Mancave setup. 

Hi, are there any meet up’s in or around Nashville?  I’ve been here since 2018 but have finally got my 2 channel system up and running again.  Would be great to meet folks with similar interests. 

I haven't seen any indications of an audio club here in the Nashville area and I am in Lebanon?