Anybody heard new Audio Phyisc Scorpio's???

Seemsm like new version of Soarks,Tempo's and others with side drivers have improved them and they have added Padua and Avanti.In recent yeras past ther refernece styandard for vbalue was the Virgo's and I wonmder if now they have that same "best bang for buck" placement ion line or one could save some dough and near ther performance with another model or pay more and get more than you paid for interms of value in that line.Are the Virgo's still it in medium size room?Seems like they almost might be headed down the B&W path where there are too many model- if that's possible to have too many products which confuse the matter.
I was recently on the AP website, which they recently redid, and there is no Padua there. The old site had information about the Padua, which I read because I was shopping AP speakers.
You know that window that asks you 'submit now', or 'preview first'? That is meant to be an opportunity for you to proof-read your posts.
Ist ratherd irritatng to read postds with sosmany misstaks.
I have always wondered if english is a second language for Chazzbo, or is he just lazy? At least I am not the only one who has noticed this....

So sorry.I forget while I am hear to do proof readings because i am having problems with my email where the outboard serve I am using has an un-workable spell checker.Most of these posts are done surring incomplete sleep nights and therfore....well excuses are like assholes,everybody got etc etc (even with a touch of dyslexia).But Ozzy I must admit I am a bit lazy at times.And I would like to have quiries answered so I will try not to be such a slob.
Know that Jeff's Sound Values has Padua up and say's it's a nice bridge between tempo and virgo at price point.Since (he say's) it's more forgiving with lesser elctronoics as it uses soft dome tweter (used in all the lines lower end speakers up to Physics)it may be better for some just in this regard.I don't know.I used the cute little Sparks (which I could hall around easily for near field listening) and I thought they were good (no great!)and had some prety good electronics like a Mesa Baron switched to full triode and other comparable gear.The experience makes me hunger for hearing what may be better if the Scorpio has better tweteer but wasn't as room dominating as the Physic.One thing I wopuld also like Scorpio and Padua to do is play softly with Sparks quality of dynamics.I this is the acid test for speakers how they play late at night when not blasting away.One owner of both told Sparks had better low level dynamics than Tempo's which needed to be cranked up.But since Saprk and tempo shared soft dome this shoudln't factor in.Well need to put this onmy list.I used to work for a B&W dealer and haven't even gone in to hear new 803 and up Diamopnds which many are comparing to the best Scanspeaks or ribbons.The NHT Xd system might be wave of future that is hear (got a great initial Stereophile hearing and follow up reviewer added extar sub and glowwd about them in either case.And stgill I have yet to hear some best of Show stuff from years ago like certain Josephs and others that have gone up in price considerably before I have shot to listen to them let alone new kids on the block (I love that band) like NHT Xd's or the new Gallo's.Need to get out more often and now that jazz LP's are so insanely expensive on Ebay I should have the time!.Just was hoping if somebody had heard the Scorpio.I am sure it's not bad but maybe buying a Padua for an AP fan would make more fiscal sense.And as Markemark say's they dropped the Padua from the line on the site though a 2006 Sterophile buyers guide did not have them listed and I couldn't make a quick check on tweeter compliment which I may be able to find on their site.But screw that.I as an apartment dweller want to know if I can get good sound from smaller box and need to have somebody hear them or travel from the sticks on a listening safari.But this explain disperate list and thus thus the draw to the NHT,Gallo's,and Gershman Rx-20's which are short and fat like me not tall and fat like B&W's or deeeeep like Physics.Funny though I think I can take chunky and short or tall and thin like Cain and Cain Bens but Viros may bee not to wise but just take up space (Think of how many wives Ok's the NHT 3.3 till they got a profile).
Thanks for you indulgence and my spelling to Markemark and apologies to neubilder,Ozzy,and very one else who has suffered through my sloth in a number of posts past.
if you are condsidering ap speakers....i would consider the virgo 2 for $2k-$2.2k or the libra for $2.5k - $2.7k...

thye are fairly demanding and require a high current capable amplifer and all ap speakers are pretty revealing no matter what tweeter is used (imo)...