Anybody heard Reimer Teton speakers?

My system consists of Thor Audio TPA-150 tubed monoblocks,
TA-2000 Preamp, with Quad 988 electrostatic speakers. I use a VPI Scoutmaster and a Cary 306/200 as a transport, with a Thor Audio Dac. I am seeking to trade in my Quad 988's for a true full range. My price range maximum is $15,000.00. But lately many people on this site have been
recommending Tyler Acoustics top of the line speaker which is on sale for $10,200.00 and sells factory direct (STereo Times loved it after hearing at the latest show)
furthermore, some people have recommended the Reimer Teton
which sells for about $6000.00 a pair. I spoke to one person who loves tham but did not compare it with any other speakers. I already spent $6500.00 on the Quad 988, while it is excellent in many respects it is not a true full fange speaker. Can this $6000.00 speaker The Reimer give me what I'm looking for at a very low price as compared to Sound Lab, Vandersteen, Wilson, Etc.?
Any comments would be appreciated.
was in exhibit at ces 4 yrs ago w reimer tetons along w/ very good electronics - john curl amps and blowtorch preamp. The tetons are very neutral and very dynamic with great bass extension and slam. outstanding speaker in every way.
I have the Reimer Teton's and really like them alot. They replaced the Vienna Acoustics Mahler's in my system. The VA speakers were sweet sounding and somewhat warm but much slower than the Tetons and the bass was now where near as good. The Teton's can produce very deep and tight bass even with a modest powered tube amp. I am running the Lamm ML1's which are 80 watts per channel and they are more than enough power. In general the sound of the Teton's are very neutral and fast. The speakers are very revealing of upstream components. Your components though would probably match up very well. I listen to alot of jazz and acoustic type music and these speakers really get stand up bass and other stringed instruments very well. I am in Colorado if you happen to be in this area and want to listen.
Kjl, I heard the Reimer Tetons at the show in the system described by Geoffkait and agree they have good bass. I can't really say I heard them at their best since one of the midrange drivers was soldered in the day before the show opened, which didn't give adequate break in time. I have heard a pair of the slightly smaller Wind River GS speakers that a friend owns and found the treble nicely extended without being bright. Another friend is receiving a pair of Tetons soon, so it will be interesting to hear them.

If you are ever in Chicago I'll be happy to put you in touch with them.

Note that the 'GS' version uses all differnt drivers from the standard version. I think the standard uses Morel drivers and the GS uses all HiVi research drivers. This includes a ribbon like tweeter design. They should sound substantially differnt from one another. This tweeter, if crossed over correctly, is very nice. I have not heard these speakers, but can tell you that after break in this is one sweet tweeter. Hmmm, thats sounds a little strange...oh well, good luck.
You should really TT Rick Reimer himself. He will explain all you wish to underdstand. I TT him for a couple hours, asking questions, challenging his reasoning for drivers, talking about his cabinetry, crossovers, and some customization. We came up with a change in the woofers, to provide me with higher spl, and air movement, so as to eliminate the need for Subwoofer, and to get in my chest/face bass, along with proper crossover points to deliver seamless music integration.

Bottom line is:It's about the music. Mine are on the truck as I write. I can give more feedback in a couple of weeks. Rick is out of town for about 10 days anyway.

Best of luck in your journey, and keep smilin
My version of these are the new GS version with the HiVi drivers and ribbon tweeter. I have not heard the previous version. I think it was the previous version with Morel drivers that was at CES 4 years ago. I agree with Blkadr that this tweeter is very nice and never seems harsh. Rick said he spent alot of time testing and getting the cross over points just right. With my ears it seems that he has got it all integrated very well.
I have what is perhaps a naive question:

Why wouldn't the 'standard' version of the Reimer speakers sound better than the GS version since the Standard version uses the more prestigious Morel drivers?

Personally, when I think of HIVI Research, I think of rather inexpensive drivers that can be purchased at Parts Express --- when I think of Morel drivers I think high-end.

Again, perhaps it is naive of me to ask.

Thank you
Sedona, I believe that the design of the speaker changed some as well as the source of the drivers to HiVi. I have not heard the early version with Morel drivers but Rick feels that the GS version sounds better. I would imagine alot of the difference is due to the HiVi ribbon tweeter. Rick may be the only person that can effectively answer your question as only he really knows the differences between the original and GS version and why he went one way vs another.
Sedona, I had the exact same questions for Rick, before I purchased.

Why wouldn't the 'standard' version of the Reimer speakers sound better than the GS version since the Standard version uses the more prestigious Morel drivers?

Rick told me these are the BEST drivers he has found, regardless of cost. He said they sound better, to him than any other drivers, they are fast, more accurate, and more musical. I offered to spend more $$$ with rick for Morel, Seas, and or Scanspeak. Rick explained his feeling in such a way, I trusted him enough to spend my $$$$. I will know more next week. I did change the Hivi woofers for Eminence with 25lb neo... magnets. I am expecting a very special sound to be produced. But, I cannot comment yet.

Personally, when I think of HIVI Research, I think of rather inexpensive drivers that can be purchased at Parts Express --- when I think of Morel drivers I think high-end.

Again, I agree, but, I am not a speaker designer, and in checking out the Hivi tweeter, you will find the Exact tweeter in 50,000 dollar Burmeister speakers. When I saw that, I felt if they were good enough for burmeister reference, they were just fine.
I've had my Tetons for about 6 months, and average only about an hour of listening a day, so I feel that they are just now getting close to being "broken in." I'm liking them more and more, the more I listen to them. They are, IMO, in a word, phenomenal! I felt that way when they were just out of the box, and I feel that way even more strongly now. As others have said, they're very fast, amazingly dynamic, stupendous in the lower frequencies, and very revealing of upstream electronics (which in my case include Exemplar-Denon DVD2900 source player, Cary SLP-2002 preamp, and Clayton Audio M100 mono amps, with 10-dB gain attenuators to compensate for the high gain of the preamp - occasionally a Cary Rocket 88, which also drives the Tetons beautifully, although with somewhat less authority and impact at the bottom end). The Tetons are very musical, sounding, in my room and system, harmonically rich throughout the entire audible frequency range. (I think the combination of Claytons and Tetons do for the bass what really good systems do for the midrange in that respect.) Regardless of the cost of the drivers, the paper-Kevlar composites sound fabulous to me! (Incidentally, my woofers are the "stock" 10" HiVi, not the Eminence drivers Smilin opted for.) My internal audio jury is still a bit undecided about the ribbon tweeter, but I suspect only because my room (about 15.5' x 17.5' x 10') allows me to sit no further than 10'-12' out from the speakers, and at that distance the mids and highs come into focus noticeably better when I'm sitting than when I'm standing (presumably because of the vertical dispersion characteristics of the ribbon) - but as I take my seat, I settle into sonic heaven. The width, depth, and height of the soundstage is excellent, and I'm sure would be even better if I could listen from further out from the speakers. And with decent recordings, the Tetons disappear (quite a feat for tree-trunk sized loudspeakers.) Finally, as works of craftsmanship, the speakers are beautiful. (Mine are in red mahogany-stained mahogany with a satin finish.) All in all, highly recommended!
I have owned my Teton GS speakers for over a year and they started out great and just got better with break in. Break in took about 4 months at about 6hrs./day of use. The bass took a very long time to break in, my speakers have the Titanic MKII 12in. woofers which are very similar to the Eminence woofers in 711smilins speakers. Rick has not made any speakers with Morel drivers in them since he started using the HI-VI Research drivers. Much attention has been paid to the bass response of the Tetons in this thread and not enough to the overall balance of strengths which also includes the midrange.
To my ears the speaker sounds coherent from top to bottom
with no weaknesses anywhere. I am listening at 11.5ft with 8ft. of separation.
About 1.5in of the inside of the speaker cabinet visible from the listening seat with the tweeters on the inside.
if you don't use enough toe in the speaker may sound a little bright. My system
My tetons have broken in wonderfully, they are extremely revealing, and accurate. I hear any and all changes in interconnects, power cords, speaker wire, and conditioning. They sound very natural, and are extremely dynamic. I have not yet decided if I prefer tubes, SS, digital, or a combo yet. They sound very REAL, in that each instrument is easily recognizable, and sound REAL to me. They work well with Vocals, small ensambles, and even orchestral. I am still working on placement for my seating area to get the proper soundstage in my room.

Overall, I am very happy with my purchase, and when I put my modded cornwalls back for a comparison, I had a GREAT big smile on my face from the realization that I done good, real good in my decision to buy these.

I highly Reccomend the Tetons, they are true Full Range musical instruments
Do you guys find that you are happier with tweeters out or in? Do you run them flat or with toe-in? Distance apart and distance from listening position? Distance from the walls? I just got mine and would love to hear your opinions. They are a pain in the a@@ to move around and guess.
Bsr, in my room I prefered the tweeter in with speakers toed in aiming towards the back of the listening position. I had them about 9 feet apart and 11 ft from the listening position. They were about 3 feet from the side walls and the back of the speakers were about 3 feet from the back wall. I have heard of others preferring the tweeter out position. It likely would depend on the room and listening preferences. I did find that adding the Townshend supertweeter made a rather large improvement to the speaker.
So, a medium toe-in? How many feet behind the listening position should I fire them and are you using the center of the speaker or the side when you are making your measurements? People who don't own these speakers probably think that I am being lazy by asking, but as any Teton owner knows, they are a pain to adjust. The bearings on the bottom plus the large size and weight make these very labor intensive to adjust - BUT a fantastic speaker and well worth the effort.
Bsr, I preferred them aimed behind you head where you could just see an inch or so of the inside panel. In my room that was the best balance of coherence and soundstage.
Dmailer, OK. Thank you very much. That will be a good starting point for me. I was running tweeters out and I am going to switch them around tonight.
Are they still in business? Dave Clark form Positive Feedback has Reimer's and I thought they were no longer around.
Dave Clark bought the original versions with the Morel drivers, but Rick came out and installed a HiVi tweeter and changed the crossover. From what I heard Rick lost the lease on his building and apparently decided to quit the business. This was two or three years ago. I originally bought the Wind Rivers but traded up to the Teton GS's. A great all around speaker that I don't think could be beat for the money. Too bad they're not around anymore.
Have the Reimer McCulloughs, they are extremely good speakers for the money. Very dynamic, very efficient(94db), and go down to about 34HZ. Very fast tweeter. Really good with tube amps.