Anyone bought direct from ps audio and returned it?

I don’t have a ps audio dealer here in Minneapolis to demo their BHK pre-amp so I’m looking to go directly with ps audio. Has anyone returned a unit under their 30 day return policy and had any issues returning it. If it’s what I’m looking for I’ll buy it,if not it will go back.
thanks hiend.
I'm pretty sure you can count on PS Audio to cheerfully refund your money, should you not cotton up to their gear.  I don't know for a fact, because I kept the amps and the pre rather than seek a return, but their whole enterprise ethos seems totally customer focused, above board, and truly cheerful.

If you try it, enjoy!  
I doubt you will have any problems dealing with PSA. I sent my transport for warranty service and it was returned within a weeks time. Customer service responds quickly to email, and even their forum is excellent.
I have not purchased directly from PS Audio however they are 100% excellent to work with and I would not hesitate to purchase directly from them. 
You have dealers within three hours if you want to make a weekend trip to see and hear the product first. The guys in Iowa will take care of you. Surprised no dealer in Minneapolis... Paul needs to get on this.
I been down there a few times.  Took a tour, met Paul, bought some power cables and an Stellar 300 amp.  Hain't never returned noth'n.  But I would be astounded if you had issues in doing so.
I bought a Stellar amp from them. Zero problem with customer service. If you want to return anything, I would expect no difficulty. 
I purchased a BHK preamp and BHK Stereo amp in early December when they went on sale.  Loved them, but the amp was too big for my small rack.  Returned them both with free shipping both ways, and no questions asked.  A phenomenal company ane great return policy! 
I have had nothing but terrific service and phone support over 6 years of ownership of PSA products. They answer the phone.  You get to talk to the technical people if necessary.  They fix things quickly.  They ship gear well.  I have not returned an item, but they are consistently focused on service.  I kept my BHK amp and preamp bought in Dec. but yes, the amp went on the floor!
Purchased a PS audio DirectStream from one of their Dealers , messed up in downloading software, called up customer service,  they sent in return labels no charge ! as soon as as they got the intimation from UPS the unit was on its way they shipped out  a new unit without receiving the old unit ! that is what I call customer service !
I have done exactly what you ask in your message and have not had any problems with PS AUDIO. I believe they are one of the most ethical businesses in our hobby. The plus side of this is that they also manufacture great equipment.
They also have a generous trade in program if you have old equipment that you want to get rid of.  Look for the TRADE IN AND SAVE button beneath the ADD TO CART button for details, or give them a call.  They will take one or more items in trade, up to a specific dollar limit determined by what you are buying.  They deduct what you will be trading in from what you are charged.  Then you have 30 days to either send them the equipment you are trading in, or return the item you bought for a refund, which gives you time to compare old vs. new.
I can only echo the comments above.   I have never used the return feature as i have never wanted to send them back.  However have had things repaired and they were very efficient and I think their customer service is outstanding.  Paul has a great commitment to customer service and it is really shows. 
I bought a PS Audio USB Transport (LAN Rover) in 2016 direct from PS Audio. I tried it for a week or so, then decided I wouldn't be able to use it in my system. I returned it a week later without incident. 

I've also emailed back and forth with Paul McGowen several times. I've found he's responsive to customer questions and concerns; great to work with. I wouldn't worry one bit about buying directly from PS Audio. 
PSA is truly a class act in the industry.

There is another thread about DACs where folks are trying to justify the cost of a DirectStream DAC against Denafrips from China, moaning about what justifies a price premium

I try to make the point that yes, sound quality matters alot, but other things like whom you are dealing with matters alot too...