Anyone ever have claims for damage with UPS?

I recently shipped some Martin Logan Aerius in their original boxes via UPS and they cracked both of the side rails on both speakers! There is some dispute whether the box and packing material meets their guidelines. They were insured, taped in four different spots with strapping tape, but the just got abused buy them. Any hints on how to deal with them? It's not over yet, but I am not hopeful.
I once recieve a claim from UPS on a pair NHT speakers that were shipped to me. The corner of the orignal box where the speakers were damaged was severely crushed. This was more obvious then most cases and the claim was handled well by UPS, but it did take about 8 weeks to get the funds. It may be much harder to argue when the box does not show any damaged.

I use Fed Ex ground when possible. "Knock on wood" so far so good, even with Magnepan's.
Buckingham is right about the 4 foot drop. Have you ever seen the 'assembly lines' our packages go through to get sorted and out to the planes? It would just make you wince! I've become a big believer in overpacking and double-boxing. Much worse than UPS, IMO, is FedexGround!! They've destroyed no less than six separte shipments I've either sent or received, and most were well-packed. I've had to deal with claims with them, and let me tell you they make it as difficult as possible to pursue. That is the job of their claims handlers in my experience. The only way you are going to get you claim paid is to be utterly relentless. They are counting on you giving up. With my claim I actually filed a claim with the Better Business Bureau, which is when they finally paid it! Mine was an $800 subwoofer which was utterly destroyed by FedexGround. The box looked like it had been through a war! If you want to get paid, don't give up, and continuously express your outrage (assuming that you believe it is justified...if the speakers were actually poorly packed then it probably is not worth the effort, and you have to decide wheter it is morally right to pursue it further). As Buckingham suggests, with more fragile items it is best to go with an air service, rather than ground. In the end it is worth the extra cost simply in piece of mind! For economy and effeciency I have not found a better alternative to USPS Priority Mail. They have never damaged a package I've sent or received. Unfortunately their size limits prohibit a package the size of your speakers.

Good luck!
I've had two claims with ups both handled quickly and easily. They paid me fast and they let me keep the broken speakers too!
I second everything written about FedEx Ground, esp. the comment of Jax2. A couple of years ago I recommended this service but NO MORE! They have lost shipments (twice so far), broken items double-boxed in original factory packaging (PSB Image 5T speakers, woofer magnets shorn off the back and banging around the inside of the cabinet, cabinets damaged too), and made the claims process impossible. However, as Jax2 and others said, persevere. I have so far been paid for a lost shipment and two other items that were damaged. Two other claims are still pending and I don't know what they will do. The company seemed to be better a year ago than it is now. Use air services for anything fragile or irreplaceable. Better yet, drive to pick it up yourself, a lesson I learned w/a turntable. Last year, I drove to upper New York to pick up an LP-12, the seller drove down from Maine, we met at a restaurant at near the equidistant point.
Good luck, keep bugging them, hope you took pictures of the boxes and all damage.
My 2 cents: Shipped a Carver tuner that was damaged in transit by UPS. Would have to look back at my records but it took almost two months of phone tag (I am out of town frequently due to work); which was very difficult to accomplish. I had to furnish all kinds of info. ie. cost new, cost used, cost to replace, etc.... and on and on. They eventually paid the insurance price to the buyer, he came out very well and they still sent the tuner back to me? Would advise patience and persistence, and keep all copies of everything. Best, Charlie