Anyone have Legacy speakers these days?

I have a wonderful pair of Legacy Protege speakers. Anyone else have Legacy and what do you think of them? Thanks
I have a pair of Whispers and a Silver Screen II center channel and using Thiel 1.5's for the rear channels in DPLII. I am extremely happy with this setup and enjoy 2 channel or surround sound with the push of a button. The sound quality is so real it will stand the hair up on my arms. Watched the movie Troy last night and Stealth the other night. In 2 words, incredible sonics. My upgrading is complete.
my dad has the Focus 20/20 powered by Classe with Lexicon pre and CDP and it really is a great sounding set-up, and boy are those speakers beautiful.
I'm on my third pr. of Legacys. Classics, Focus 20/20, and now I'm using the Sig III. At the present time I am saving for the Whispers, and then I am done as far as speakers go.
Asst. gear is
VPI Scoutmaster w/dynavector cartridge and phono stage
Sony SCD-1 for SACD
SCD-1 transport into Audio Aero prima SE dac for redbook
Also use XM-Radio
Amps are the Parasound JC-1 monoblocks and I use an
Aesthetix Calypso line stage. Midrange and female vocals to die for with this system. Good extention in both directions. Very happy the way this system turned out.
I am using Focus 20/20s as mains and also hoping to sometime upgrade to Whispers. I also have the Silverscreen II front, Mist sides, and Studio rears. My LFExtreme is total overkill with the Focus 20/20s, but it might be useful if I get the Whispers.

Assoc. gear:
Esoteric DV-50 universal player
Krell HTS 7.1 pre/pro
Krell FBP 300C

So far, I am more than just happy with the sound. I have listened to many systems in my travels and the ones that rival mine are rather pricey in comparison. For now I am simply enjoying it...a lot...and spending money on disks.
I have a pair of 20/20's for close to a year now and I have to say I am satisfied with their performance. In the past I remember visiting hi end audio shops and being totally bowled over by the sound. Now...I listen and compare. I've heard better and I have heard worse, I haven't heard anything out their that has made me wish I did not buy the Legacy's. I guess I'm happy...for now :)
Legacy are killer speakers. If you want to enjoy the music, buy Legacys, if you want to constantly worry about imaging, coloration, tweaking,positioning and all the other boring things out there that drive a person nuts buy other speakers, because with the legacy's, all these things will be a after thought as they make great music and really dont miss out on to much of anything. Specially the focus 20/20 which blow me away at there 3k used price point. Is there anything they dont do at least well? Not to mention effecient enough you dont need 500 watts a channel to sound great. Its all about CLEAN power with the legacys.
I own the Older Focus, and this speakers set folks, will be the last set of speakers for me.
I have owned Talon Khorus XMkII, soliloquy 6.5 speaker, Klipsch cornwalls, and others.But none can come close to the overall performance of this speakers.
The speakers have a lot of positives. Wide and detailed soundstage, Tonality and micro details. They are just as efficent as the Cornwalls. But, where they really shine, is the female voice, So rich and creamy. I can listen for hours to Regine Velasquez, a female vocalist from the Philippines.
W_barton is a smart man. Buy some focus, dont buy into hype, you are getting some insane bang for your buck with the older focus or focus 20/20 speaker!
I used to think the Focus was a special speaker at a reasonable price, till I heard Vandersteen Quatro' me atleast they made the Legacy sound like Cerwin Vega. My dad owned the 20/20 for a few years and liked them (we both did) but then we seriously looked into other speakers and quickly found much better across the board performance at an also obtainable price. I can see why folks like the Legacy, and why some like all sort of other speakers and afterall it would be a boring world if one size fit all.
I have never auditioned Legacy speakers. I'm not very knowledgeable regarding speaker technology. But when I see a picture of a Legacy speaker with the unconventional configuration of drivers, I ask myself: why is the designer choosing for such an unconventional way of speaker design? Mr. Barton might be a good speaker designer, but by designing such odd looking multi-driver speakers to me his image is that of a super-DIY guy rather than a science oriented, evidence based designer like Richard Vandersteen, David Wilson, Roger West or the late John Dunlavy.

In the previous post, Mr. Barton should be: Mr. Dudleston (owner of Legacy Audio and designer of the Legacy speakers). After reading several reviews and articles about the Legacy speakers I'm now convinced that Mr. Dudleston also belongs to the group of forementioned designers.

I agree Sthomas12321...seriously, until you sit down and audition the Focus 20/20 or the Whisper you have no idea how incredible these speakers really are. I think that the mixed reviews come from others who have spent thousands more and realize they could have spent thousands less and got a superior speaker...once again...never judge a book by its cover.

How true! You are right on the mark. Im sorry, but if a person cant enjoy the focus 20/20's amazing sound, you just cant enjoy music period.
Sthomas...I am glad I finally have someone who understands... THE most amazing set-up I have ever encountered was my 20/20's with my friends Cary SLI-80 tube integrated on the high's and my Parasound HCA-3500 on the about breathing life into the music...I have since then sold the Focus and now own Whisper's...looking back I think I would trade the Whisper's back for the Focus...they just do EVERYTHING right.
I have Legacy Signature 2's and the older model Victoria's. I have also had Studio's, Super Satellites, some unique Dipole surrounds that looked like double sided Studios, and Accents. I'm 'old school' when it comes to Legacy speakers (because I can't afford the new ones)!
Well i'm glad to see that my ears have not been lying to me these past five years.Most of my gear is mi fi but my 2002 Focus i got from a legacy salesman ( his year old personal set.) are just great!Not being well heeled I've always looked for most bang/buck in my gear .Thats why I have about 8 Paradigm speakers in my home. When i get some hi end mono blocks I think i'll have a pretty good system. Legacys are 1st class!
I have listened to the Focus 20/20 many times at a friends house and they are excellent speakers. They do everything
quite well and represent a outstanding value.
I recently aquired a pair of legacy speakers having never heard of them but could tell they were high end.
I emailed the co and was told the model was a "Plus Three"
Very frustrated that I can't seem to find any specs on these. They are in oak cabs, about 75 lbs ea / 3-way
They are 38 1/2 tall X 12 X 12 bi-ampable
can anyone help me with the specs.
Can email pics