Anyone heard about the new Mcintosh MC2301's?

I'm putting my name on the list for the new MC2301 mono tube amps from Mcintosh. just wondering what the word is on them from people who keep up with this more than I.
For those of you who haven't heard yet, this is a new amp which Mcintosh is taking orders on now. It is to be about 300 watts and tube mostly but I think it has some SS in it as well to achieve the power. My dealer here in Atlanta is having a music event for 2 channel only on May 1, and they will have these on display assuming they ship by then.
Georgia Home Theater. They will have representation in town from Mcintosh, B&W, Classe A, Shunyata, and Wilson, and maybe more. The entire store will be set up for 2-channel. No sales will be done that day and it will just be to spark intrest in 2 channel. From what I understand each manufacturer will either bring stuff to set up or pull from existing inventory and can set up any system they want I think.
So May 1st (Thursday?) Any idea what time they open and close. My wife and I will defenitly make it to this one. Thanks for the info.
You can call them. As far as I know it'll be all day but I haven't asked. Ask for Eric, and he can tell you.

We just set-up a pair of the new MC2301's, C-1000, MCD1000, MDA1000 with a pair of Sonus-Faber Stradivari's...if heaven has music like this, Im ready!(Yes we are a McIntosh dealer)
Where are you located Lmche? I got mine in today but I don't have my extra circuits run yet at home. I hope to get a listen at my dealer here in Atlanta soon as they unboxed thier pair yesterday. I will have C500T,802D'S,MT10,AND CLASSE CDP202... I can't wait, this electrician better hurry.

So they sound great, huh, that is good to know.

How do the MC2301's sound compared to mono blocked 2102's and MC501's??
I just bought a pair of MC2301's from Lmche after comparing side by side it to a MC402 (my amp at home). I thought my 402 was great; WOW, what a substantial difference. That is what sold me. The sound field was so much larger and clearer than my solid state 402. The MC2301's are incredible, detailed, and beautiful. These will probably be the last amps I buy, they are that good!
What else do you have in your system Tropicaldiver? I have mine now but won't be ready to hook them up til next week, maybe in ten days or so will have hooked up all the new stuff.

Beerdraft, I also have an C2300 preamp, an Esoteric X03 CD/SACD, and a Michell Gyro SE TT. I use sonus faber speakers. I am looking to upgrade my speakers higher in the sonus faber line and also looking to upgrade my preamp to the c500 tube. That's the fun I guess is the excitement of upgrading. You will love your MC2301's!
I am also looking to move up in the McIntosh line. I presently own the MC-501 monoblocks, I have the C1000 due in Friday although I have never heard one, I decided to take a chance due to the McIntosh reputation I may elect to upgrade to the MC2301's in the very near future. I also use the Nova Physics Memory Player as my digital and the Ascendo C8 speakers.
Man, Tropicaldiver, that sounds like a great setup. I will let you know how the c500t pairs with the 2301's. I hope to hook up on friday, my racks shipped today and due in on thursday. Still waiting on some of my shunyata power stuff but I can start without if they aren't in.

Mmitch7711, is your c1000 tube or SS? The 501's are great amps, not sure how they stack up with the 2301 or vice versa since I've never heard the 2301 yet. I should be able to do a comparison soon as mine will be hooked up and my dealer should have thiers playing soon to, and I've heard the 501's there running B&W 800D's, very nice indeed.

will let you know when I get to listen,


I opted for the solid state version due to my memory player has is tube. I was using the Cary SLP-05 tube pre amp it worked great with the MC-501's however I would love to experiment with a different sound, I can always add the 1000T later.
I'll be hooking mine up tonight I think. I will post some feedback on new Mcintosh gear once I get a listen.
Keep us posted Beerdraft.

My C500T is still in training over 100 hours on it. Sounds great. Incredible detail and focus of instruments. Dire Straits and Sting in heavy rotation. I don't really listen to vocals but man they sound really live on my Helicon300. Got love the two-ways.
Well its 3 a.m. in the morning. I just got my stands and all put together. The mcintosh stuff looks absolutely phenominal. I only listened to a couple songs as I just couldn't stay awake. Put a burn in cd in on repeat all. I listened to Dianna Krall/ live in paris//. I couldn't really turn it up and it was the first noise this baby has let out, but it sounded very nice to my tired ears. I've found that when I'm tired I can't really focus on what I'm hearing. I will have to say the vocals were wonderful and the piano was big and bold. Very nice tone for a brand new out of the box but will have to listen more tomorrow when I get some rest and get to turn the volume up a bit. Maybe play with speaker placement and listening position. I am so far confident that this is going to be my system for a long time and look forward to more listening tomorrow. I will follow up again tomorrow evening.

Okay, got to do some listening and man I love it so far. I got some betoven in and moved the speakers about til I got the stage and image better. Probably still not exactly right but its getting close. I will probably leave them where they are til everything gets broke in an my power conditioners and extra power cords get in. On the betoven, I had instruments coming from all accross the stage with noticable depth between the different levels. The drums, dont' know the name of the drums but mid bass kind of with echoe sounds and hollow, well when I got the stage so that they were coming from far behind the speakers the rest of the stage just seemed to fall into place. I then moved on to Burning for Buddy, "Buddy Rich", and this was a personal favarite for me and its nice to have the bass again. Before I had N804 and cj amps only 120 watts/ch. My room is 19'x33'.... So the 804's didn't fill the room. The 802D's seem to have no problem filling this room with beautiful bass. The piano and all the horns are just wonderful on this disc to. I have to say the 802D has exceeded my expectation. The mc2301 and C500 have done much the same. The distinction between multiple instruments and the detail thus far is a deliteful listening experience. I geuss this is all a combination of the pre, amps, and speakers, oh and don't forget the classe cdp202. Haven't got too much into the TT yet but will try to get the MT10 warmed up this week. I did listen to a couple albums last night but with my neighbors over so wasn't just listening, we were all sitting at the bar and having a few pints.

I will get in some more listening today and move to Norah Jones, Dianna Krall, and then to some blues and classic rock. Can't wait to hear some Clapton here. I have a lot of cd's not listened to yet at all so I will be doing my best to get into it all soon.

I've added pics and virtual system in "done for now". This thing is great.

I should be getting my MC 2301's later this week (FedEx delivering) I am getting jittery just thinking about the arrival of these gorgeous amp. I will be running them along with the Mcintosh C1000T preamp, speakers are Sonus Faber Guarneri. I will be giving updates as I listen to the new system.
Hooked up the MC2301's with my Mcintosh C1000T preamp last night, speakers are Sonus Faber Guarneri Homage. The new stuff replaces a Mcintosh MC2102 amp and Mcintosh C2200 preamp, no comparison. The 2301's are breathtaking in the performance they offer. Dynamics (Low or high volume), resolution, quiteness, detail, soundstage, attack etc....These are the best amps I have ever listened to bar none. I would highly suggest them to anyone, I'm so glad I did not go with a second MC2102 and run them bridged. Living large as they say!!
any thoughts how MC2301 would play with Tannoy Westminsters?I have heard they work great with BW speakers.
hellooooo!nobody can answer about synergy McIntosh 2301 with Tannoy Westminsters?
Well I can answer myself,yes awesome combo that it is,sounds powerfull and musical,huge 3d soundstage,great resolution with awesome dynamics and it has big reserves for unexpected dynamic pasages.I am loving the sound&look.
I, too, drive the Tannoy Westminster Royal GRs with the MC2301 monoblocks. Yes, it is horsepower overkill, but the combination is surreal! Dead-quiet, and so, so resolving! The low noise and zero distortion of these amps mate very well with the 99db efficient Tannoys!