Anyone running Quad 22L speakers?

Looking for your input on the Quad 22L’s. Thx Jason
Bright! Way too bright with thin mids in my experience. Etched highs, but...very tight bass. Very impressive appearance, but that's about it. Couldn't wait to unload them.
Whow! Uhurit, You may have saved me a few hundred bucks. After reading reviews and recommends speakers for my litlle Rotel ra 1060 intergrated and RDC 1072 CDP, I almost bought the 22L. The Rotel are bright and harsh on top end, I thought they recommend the 22l to soften my Rotels..Did you say bright and etched highs...What amp and pre are you running the Quad with. They said it was very neutral and need help on the high...Let me know.

As long as your room has a bit of damping, the quads will not sound bright with your rotel.

If you are looking for a thick, slow, syrupy sound, the quad will not do it, get something like a Sonus Faber.

But if you like a neutral, transparent sound that feels real, look into the Quad
I have had the 22L and others in that line. Never found them to be bright. They seem more mellow on top to me. I think they are one of the best speakers in their price range. Maybe they need to be broken in more.
I've had them with Rogue Tempest, and then with a hybrid mono's and a pre- from Vincent. Consonance CD-120. Solid copper wires. While there always is a possibility that my components (admittedly mid-fi)or room acoustics did not match with the Quads, but that's my story. Besides, there is something fishy about the fact you can buy new speakers like these for an easy 30% off. All that with amazing specs... My opinion only, of course
I heard tthem and thought like one reviewer said tough to beat in under $3K price range.Andrewdoan don't reccomend this to most folks because think that tubes should only be used in integral way (i.e as volatge reulation in pre-not as add on to CD players output) you sound like you might like the Tube buffer unit made by Muiscal Fidelity.Plus try some cardas cables.Othe roption in used market would be Audio Physic Sparks,Tempos,Padua.B&W, and Spendro for that Brit sound.Spendor 5se on up (I like the 8) are great values as well.too bad you can't get 22L's into your rig for 30 days and decide.BTW the new $2,800 Zu Druids do come with 30 day return and have goten nuty good reviews.Ahout 75% think they are audio's equivailant to Second Comming and 25% have equally pasionate thumbs down.Worth reading reviews and maybe taking for a spoin.Do not need a lot of power.I know it's a huge step up but B&W 803N's used (were $5K) since new version can be bought for $3500 and now even $3K .HUGE step up inpeformance.Need 200 watts to really work but man if you can swing price and size have the current it would be a keeper.
I simply worship what my pair of QUAD 22L are doing.They're driven by a Parasound HALO A52
(125 Watts/8 Ohms x 5) and connecting both are
the superb SUPRA SWORD cables.
The QUAD 22L delivers smoothly all the frequencies and its depth and imaging are glorious.I haven't heard nothing "harsh" from its highs at all.Remember one thing:These speakers need a relatively longer period of break-in before you hear things unheard in your previous set of gear!
I'm surprised to hear that uhurit found the 22L's bright. I've driven them with a wide range of amps and preamps, tubed and ss, and hear excellent detail and presence, but not a hint of brightness. I wonder if they are revealing an issue or incompatibility upstream or room accoustics...they definetely benefit from placement away from walls and in my experience some distance from eachother. Great speakers for the cash.