Anyone Tried Audiotop Stylus Cleaner?

Is this cleaner worth $80?

Yes, I have tried it. It is excellent giving greater transparency. Is it worth it? I cannot say as it depends on you. It is better than anything else I have used. I have not tried Mr. Clean.
I'm using a ZeroDust : perfect !
But according to this review :
it's similar to Mr Clean Magic Eraser product.

Any feedback from happy Mr Clean users ?
You used it "dry" also ?

Thanks, Emile ;-)
I don't know if the Audiotop is similar to the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser or not. But $2 worth of MCME will make a lifetime supply of stylus cleaners for you and your 50 closest friends. That's pretty tough to beat.

A search here and on VA will turn up dozens if not hundreds of pleased MCME users. I'm not aware of anyone who's tried it and been unhappy.

I can buy a lot of good music for $80. To me, spending that much on a stylus cleaner would seem like spending money just to spend money.
Make sure you get the Magic Eraser (which is a microfiber pad that resembles a sponge) and not Mr. Clean the liquid cleaner. There is a big difference (to you and your stylus).
I went out and bought the Magic Eraser. I had thoughly cleaned the stylus with the Mozno Zero Dust and played the record. I then cleaned it with the Magic Eraser and replayed it. I heard no improvement. I then used the AudioTop stylus cleaner and again replayed the record. The bass was noticably more extended and there was more ambience. The Magic Eraser is definitely cheap.
Tbg, If I spent 80.00 on stylus cleaner, my brain would definitly tell my ears it's better. Rather than you know what.
I would be concerned with using any "unproven" solvent on my stylus. If using too much liquid, the solvent can wick up the cantilever into the suspension components. This can either cause a slow but premature drying / cracking of the elastomers used there or a much quicker death depending on just how strong those solvents are. Finding out that your "budget" stylus cleaner just ruined your expensive cartridge wouldn't make it much of a bargain in the long run. Then again, ruining your expensive cartridge with some expensive stylus cleaner wouldn't be good either. Sean

Good point.

Of course the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (aka, budget stylus cleaner) contains no solvents or liquids of any kind. Therefore, the risk you so correctly described is precisely ZERO.

Thank you for making that clear,

Thanks for the comparison. I'm curious how a (presumably slight) additional cleaning of a stylus could affect bass response. It's easy enough to imagine improved HF response from a cleaner stylus, due to the very tiny size of HF groove modulations. But bass? Any theories?

All that I can assume is that the stylus better follows the grooves, and I agree that this would seem most likely for high frequencies. Maybe because the stylus has to move long distances on bass. It is quite obvious.

I know this stuff is too expensive, but I know that when I use it on a clean stylus that the music is much more involving. I would love it were the AudioTop to cost $20, but I will bite the bullet if need be.
I have found using the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser followed by the Onzow Zerodust is a good combo for me. I guess what ever tips your boat. I use the Zerodust to remove any possible fibers that might have affixed to the stylus from the Mr. Clean. I should also state that I have not seen any fibers from the MR. C. Too anal? Maybe!
Thanks. I'm not sure I'm ready to bite that bullet yet, but you've given me reason to consider it. Hmmm, maybe I shouldn't thank you!

Makes sense to me. ZeroDust or ExtremePhono after MCME seems like excellent suggestion to maximize safety. That's what we need of course, another step to slow down the vinyl playing process. ;-)
Dougdeacon, as I had never heard it, you can believe that it took me a long time to buy it. I still think it is grossly overpriced, but I cannot argue with the results. I wish someone would reverse engineer it and come out with it at a much lower price.