Anyone try the Rose RS180 Integrated?

An integrated amp with a Steampunk design. Looks like something H.G.  Wells would design. Anybody own one or at least demoed it? 


One of the VU mode in my 150B kind of looks like this.. From my experience with how nice the 150B sounds in my audio gear, I trust this would be no slacker coming from HiFi Rose.. 

For the same money you can have a bespoke custom amp made.......  I would have a hard time laying down $7k for that.

I managed to hear one in the UK (one of the first here) and was really impressed, having not gone head over heels with other Class D amps. I am hoping to get another one back with the Rose 150B as well. My thoughts so far:


I saw a review that was not impressive for a unit at that price. Sound wise you can do much better according to review but Looks's peachy keen !


@oddiofyl which amp is this? Love the classic looks

Agree, quite lovely indeed, but aimed at a very different demographic of listener and buyer.800 watt versus 8-watt output power. Near polar opposite shoppers/objectives here.


I believe I heard the the integrated HI FI rose  connected to Piega speakers at Axpona this year , my top two best sounding system in the show, the other one is the Magico set up with synergistics Cables.Thats a good integrated amp.

My point is $7k  is CJ, McIntosh, Rowland money.   That’s a lot of money ….

Everyone has their own individual taste , but I try to buy gear that sounds great and can be serviced.   $ 7k gets you a very nice integrated from McIntosh, separates from Benchmark,   Rogue , Quicksilver, on and on.  Lotta cake….  I worked a lot of OT to buy that Toolshed,  I don’t throw $7 k around like it’s nothing.    

Can you imagine trying to repair that volume and it’s rack and pinion indicator   When you are spending that kind of money US and Canadian companies offer more bank for the buck and are better quality, have enduring appeal and are worth something after they are a few years old.  Look at the Moon integrated amp on that price range.  That is an awesome solid state amp.  Build quality is super high if you have never used one in person.  That’s what I would buy for that money if I needed moderate solid state power   For sure

georgesaliit 325 excellent review. Class D amps are making progress. My local dealer carries Gato Class D gear, Made in Denmark they also have a different design look.