AQ Anaconda to Nordost Red Dawn

I thinking of selling my AQ Anaconda. And buy a Nordost Red Dawn or Shunyata Aries instead.

What do you people say about it ?
As a Red Dawn user, I say go forth and prosper. And listen to some music while you're at it.
I don't think anyone can give you a recommendation on these without knowing your system and listening biases. They are all obviously very different. What is your system and what is important in your listening?
i need a interconnect which are on the cold side (need more cold in mids and bass) and fast.
and with drive and forward (esp in mids).

have been told about nordost red dawn and shunyata aries but i guess there are more on the cold side w frantic drive ?
Go with the Red Dawn. It's everything you're looking for and you can get good prices on new ones. Email me for a contact. I'm not a dealer but just bought some and can refer you to the seller.