Aq sky vs stealth indra

I really appreciate your feedbacks about these two cables. I am planning to use between my phono pre to my amp. I am using aq wild tone arm cable.

Why don't you call John Pharo at The Cable Company and ask him to send you both from their lending library so that you can audition them in your system?

IME using signal and speaker cables from the same brand and level has proved to be ideal. If it were me, I would go with the Sky as it will be complimentary to you existing cables.
I have owned both of these interconnects. The AQ Sky is a very good interconnect, but the Stealth Indra is one of the top two interconnects I've ever heard in my system (the other being the Jade Hybrid Gold). The Indra is very articulate, yet never edgy like the Nordost Valhalla. Very natural sounding, but with stunning resolution. It comes about as close as I've ever heard to meshing musicality with transparency from one cable.

I agree 100% with John about the Indra. I didn't say anything before though because I've never heard the Sky.

I have both. The Indra is incredibly detailed, transparent, neutral but full-bodied, a bit warmer than Valhallas, which I also have.

The Sky's are excellent cable but I would say a notch below the Indra's in the food chain, very well-balanced, good body, not as fast or transparent as Indras, better for a component that is a bit "hot." Very "liveable" cable; does nothing wrong.

Just my op.

I agree with Nglazer except IMO Sky is way overpriced for the performance in my system. For the price, I want something that is MORE than "liveable".