Arcade Fire; what song did they do on SNL

last night?
They have a new album coming out March 5th I think.The song is probably on that. "Neon Bible" is name of cd..One Limited ed comes with a book.Check Amazon for more Info.and a listen.Very good song on SNL and Band.JD
One of the better performances on SNL as of late. Can't wait for their new album as well as the new Phosphorescent album.
I think it is called "Intervention". The album is released March 3rd through Merge Records.
That was a great SNL performance!
Anybody know if it will be released on vinyl like the last one was? Cheers,

Yes, it is going to be released on vinyl, with a slight delay. Details on the Merge Records website.
I grabbed the CD yesterday @ Circuit City for $7.98.
Yes, the first track on SNL was "Intervention". WXPN and World Cafe have been playing another track. After a couple of listens, I am impressed. This is a great band, with the potential to build a solid multi-album body of work like the great rock bands of the past. Cheers,
There was an article about indie bands in the Atlanta Journal Constitution today that mentioned them. What LPs are worth getting. How good is the pressing and sonic quality.
Both are worth getting. Vinyl of Funeral is mediocre pressing quality, but the music is good. So far, I like the music on the new album even better. Vinyl isn't out yet. Cheers,
02-28-07: Synthfreek
Did the second song remind anyone else of the Eddie & The Cruisers song?

Yes! I kept waiting for the singer to shout "On the dark side - oh yeah."

I didn't like either song - don't buy it based on the hype.