Atma-Sphere MA-2 amplifier

Get a sense of what it's like to live with one of the world's best amplifiers by reading Marc Mickelson's excellent review of the most recent evolution of the Atma-Sphere MA-2 Mk3.1 OTL amplifiers in The Audio Beat.

Ralph Karsten continues to improve these remarkable amplifiers. Well done, Ralph!
What a great review of what must be considered one of the best amps produced;take a bow Ralph !!!!
Ralph, you've always handled youself as a gentleman and a scholar in the audiogon world. I believe we are all happy for you and this review and for us to have such a great product to further our quest. Congrats, Tim
Thanks for pointing out this review.

As a long time Atma-sphere user, and fan of Ralph's work, it's great to see recognition for his latest designs. So enamored, Years ago I decided to become a dealer because there were none in the New York area.

The latest MA1's are functioning beautifully with the TAD CR1's.

I have always thought that the Atma amps represented a good value, but with these latest designs, they compete with (and in aspects overtake) much more costly products.

I get to hear live unamplified music sometimes several times a week, and these electronics really provide a nice healthy dose of the real thing, and with a natural presentation with no fatigue that makes listening all day long possible, even at loud levels.
Congragulations Ralph for continuing to push forward the SOTA in amplifer design. I really would love to hear for myself but completely can relate to what the reviewer so well conveyed in this fine review. Great job Mr. Karsten!
Congratulations to the entire Atma-Sphere staff. The craftmanship is second to none and the newest 3.1 mods take these amps and pre-amps to "State of the Art" in every sense of the word. Compare these to anything but be prepared to purchase. Ralph and crew leap way ahead of the pack again! Nicely done boys I only hope the rest of the world catch's on this time, you deserve it.
The ".1" upgrade is genuinely significant - more so than the numeric designation might suggest. Taking my MA-1s from 3 -> 3.1, I was impressed with the improved quietude and audible reduction of distortion, which cashed out as superior intonation, poise, and heightened intelligibility across the frequency range. You say to yourself 'well, I figure it will be better' but it is hard to conceptualize that 'betterness' until you actually hear the differences in your own system - of course by then you're beyond concepts. If you own an amp under 3.0, I suspect the upgrade improvement is exponential.
I'm glad someone else heard similar improvements moving from 3 to 3.1, a well worth upgrade for a reasonable price. Ralph's upgrade philosophy is just one of many reasons why I love my OTLs. Congratulations Ralph!
What a great write-up and review - congrats Ralph!

While I would love to own the MA-2's, I will just have to be satisfied being a proud owner of Mk 3.1 MA-1's. ;-)

As others have stated here and Marc did in the review, Ralph knows how to make some seriously good amps and I can't think of any amp I have previously owned that can do everything my MA-1's do.

The upgrade from Mk 3.0 to Mk 3.1 is substantial and at the price Ralph charges, it is absolutely mandatory! The fact that you also get a new three year warranty puts it into the "great value" and "no brainer" categories.

BTW, I also own the Mk 3.1 MP-1 preamp and it is just as good as the amps!!

Thanks again Ralph for producing great gear and providing outstanding customer service and support.