Audeze LCM-2C vs. LCM-2 headphones

I am looking for advise for those having experience with either of these headphones. I want to try a planer magnetic type and the Audeze LCD-2C has my attention and meets my budget. I wonder the sonic distinctions between these two models.

I am currently using AKG Q701 headphones driven by a Schiit Vahalla version 1 amplifier.
The 701s are rated as having an impedance of 62 ohms and are 105 dB sensitive.

Both versions of the LCD-2s are rated as having an impedance of 70 ohms. The sensitivity differs by 11 db however,  with the more sensitive LCD-2Cs at 101dB. 

It seems then that the LCD-2s would require ~3x the voltage from an amplifier over the LCD-2Cs. Does this seem reasonable?  Should I choose to go with the LCD-2, I would then require a different headphone amplifier.  That would then lead to another discussion. 

Thanks in advance!

I'm interested in getting a nice headphone setup also.  Using a pair of Beyer dt911 that are a little long in the tooth.   

I would ask Schiit that question.    I replied to this thread mainly to ask the question... why doesn't Audiogon have a headphone category?    There are so many manufacturers putting out really good phones and amps.... it should be a category like speakers, and amps.
Yea, upgrading a headphone system is far less costly that a speaker based one. There are other HP forums out there. I posted my question here as there are many contributors who's opinion I respect. I have been watching the Audeze LCD-2C thread on Head Fi.  I am strongly considering the LCD-2C as it will allow for a greater range in possible amplifiers, in fact may be driven by my Vahalla as specs are similar to the AKGs (though the LCD2C may require more current). That said, should I decide to purchase a Linear Tube Audio MZ2 I could probably drive most any headphone. 
I'd like to hear some recommendations for amps as well... I think I'm going to start there.    Having 1/4 "  and four pin balanced would be nice thinking toward future headphones I may own.

I would love to see a place here to discuss headphones and amps...